Friday, April 29, 2005

TELL me that is not a care bear. She is trying wayyyy too hard.

Add it up...

Take Lindsay and throw in some Nicole and at this is what you get.....

Crack diet.

It is so damn obvious..the new "hollywood diet". First it is stress, then the flu, over worked...blah blah. I cant remember the last time I was hospitalized for the flu. Care for another line?

Cameron attack

She did it again. Cameron had more drama with the paparazzi outside the Chateau Marmont on Tuesday. She did not kick, hit or punch but there were "words." Why is she so damn angry? The more angry she gets the more the vultures will feed off of her. Vicious cycle. Either way...she is starting to look really ragged.

Paris says, "I feel like Marilyn Monroe...."

What??? You have to be kidding. Hilton tells Life & Style Magazine, "I'm living my dreams right now. I grew up admiring Marilyn Monroe, and now I feel like her." I can't think of someone so OPPOSITE of the classic movie star. I dont remember Monroe making sex tapes or being a drug induced club girl. Okay, I guess "The Simple Life" is up to par with "The Seven Year Itch."

Tommy Lee seduces transvestite

OMG how funny...can you just imagine?? He has a built in radar for boobified blondes but it went off on some cojones instead. Must have been the jesus juice! From Female First UK:

Rocker TOMMY LEE is playing down his latest romantic encounter after reportedly seducing a transvestite in a Seattle, Washington club..

The MOTLEY CRUE star was a guest DJ at Club Medusa when he spotted the blonde bombshell, according to American tabloid the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, and made his move.

According to onlookers, the rocker invited his date into a VIP area of the club and spent the evening kissing her before she headed for the restrooms and was spotted relieving herself at the men's urinals. The news didn't get back to Tommy Lee, however, and the drummer left the club with his new friend.

Ann Margaret and Lohan

Damn...they look identical!!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Connect with your inner cat spirit...

Do you dance with your cat on a regular basis? If your cat doesnt try to bite your face off when you make it dance with you...sign up for classes together here.
Don't forget to stretch. Both of you.

Kim Cattrall & David Schwimmer...ya think?

Kim Cattrall has a hot new man? Not sure about this one. How could such a bad, bad girl hook up with such a sweet guy?

"Us Weekly" says that 38-year-old David Schwimmer is dating 48-year-old "Sex and the City" kitten, Kim Cattrall. Supposedly, they've been spotted having five or six romantic dinners at a London club called Fifty. "Us" says David and Kim first met each other at Fifty and ended up making out by the end of the night. David's rep is in denial mode, saying, "He has never been to that restaurant and I don't even think he knows Kim Cattrall."

But the baby needs a nanny for stability!

Pop beauty Britney Spears is prepared to quit her pop career to care for the baby she's expecting later this year. The singer and her husband Kevin Federline refuse to hire a nanny to care for their impending arrival. Spears has threatened to step away from the limelight if she's not able to take her baby to recording sessions, tours and interviews. She explains, "I wouldn't trust anyone to look after my child, and if that means the end of my career, then so be it."

Tom Cruise with his new girl Katie Holmes

Now that is an odd couple! I read that she is 5'8 and he is 5'7. Funny how she looks ginormous next to him. How long before she is the number one Scientology fan??

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kids don't think Britney would be a cool mom

Hmmm...I wonder why? EVEN children know!

From Page Six...THE news isn't good for Britney Spears. In honor of Mother's Day, America Online asked over 75,000 kids ranging in age from 6 to 12 who they think would make the coolest celebrity mom. Out of Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Spears, it seems ironic that the only one on the list who is potentially someone's mother would come in dead last — but Mrs. Kevin Federline did. For the record, the kids believe Simpson would make the coolest mom with Lopez a close second.

Try "a pea in the pod!"

Do you think she will dress like this the *whole* pregnancy?? Should get pretty scary.

Don't know what to say.....

about this one! Poor girl cant have a drink without getting a pic taken---but YOU know the story. And some one help her fake smashed up boob!

Third Olsen twin?

Can you look any more like an Olsen twin or what?? What is this incredible drug in Hollyweird that is making all these girls look Ethiopian?

Monday, April 25, 2005


She should get arrested for this...Can't she FEEL anything going wrong down there???

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Check out all the different cool satellite views from all over the country at this site. Grand Canyon, Oprah's huge ass house, Disneyland to name a few...totally neato!

So she did get poked

Wow. I cant imagine the guy she ended up cheating with. Brad Pitt..yes. Knoxville? Bizarro.

The Johnny Knoxville and Jessica Simpson drama is starting to grow legs and walk around pissing on strangers.

Another reader writes in with some first-hand information about the did they/didn't they controversy.

Says the reader, "I've seen Johnny Knoxville hanging out at the Burgandy room in Hollywood this past Mon & Tues. He's good friends with Loomis, the DJ, and very generous about buying people drinks (he bought me a few) According to Loomis, who traveled down south to visit Johnny on the set, he did indeed "poke" Jessica Simpson."

I love you M!!

Happy birthday to my bestest celeb friend!!

Monday, April 18, 2005


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