Friday, June 29, 2007

Paula Abdul is dating JT

Paula Abdul has been dating restaurant owner JT Torregiani for the last month. JT threw Paula a 45th birthday party at Ketchup, his eatery in West Hollywood.

A lurker said, "You could tell she was happy to be with him. They were cuddling all night." The two supposedly met through mutual friends. "She introduces him as her boyfriend. It's really cute how she's so smitten."

US Weekly


"Southern food is yummy, but it's not exactly good for the figure...When a southern cook gets ahold of fresh vegetables, we cook all the vitamins out of them."

Faith Hill

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What else is there to do??

Open a store! Construction has already started on Oprah's new store across the street from Harpo Stuidos in Chicago. Details are sketchy...Nothing has been mentioned as far as what the store will sell or when it will open.

Winfrey does have an online "boutique" with swag like coffee mugs, beach bags and multiple "O" logo items. A spokeswoman for Harpo said the store will be a 4,500 square-foot, one-story building.


Mimi in Paree

Mariah Carey and her umbrella, at the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris

Photos: Mariah Daily

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Goodbye Liz Claiborne

Liz Claiborne has passed away, She was 78. Claiborne had been suffering from cancer for a number of years.

Claiborne founded Liz Claiborne Inc. in 1976 along with her husband Art Ortenberg and Leonard Boxer.

"In losing Liz Claiborne, we have not only lost the founder of our company, but an inspirational woman who revolutionized the fashion industry 30 years ago," said Bill McComb, CEO of Liz Claiborne, in a statement. "Her commitment to style and design is ever present in our thinking and the way we work. We will remember Liz for her vision, her entrepreneurial spirit and her enduring compassion and generosity."


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Naked Nirvana baby turns 16!

Amy Winehouse is ruining it

Paris Hilton's REAL sketches

Celeb boobs gone wrong

Brit dyed her face...happens all the time

Celeb baby gossip....they have secrets!

What are these two doing?

The Editor of US Weekly is a genius

What you on John?

Photo: Celebitchy

Cute overload

Stefani and baby Kingston...How adorable is he? Cute jeans.

Photo: Celebs and Bubs

Hey goldfish girl

Beyonce performs at the BET Awards. Last night, she won best female R&B artist and video of the year for "Irreplaceable."

Margot at the Wedding

Take a peek at writer/director Noah Baumbach's latest project, Margot at the Wedding. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Jack Black...yes, I said Jack Black. Go take a look, I can't wait to see it. Hits theaters in October.

Check out the official trailer here!


I still love K Fed and I'm freaking out

Britney Spears has told the Federline that she is not going through with their divorce. Yes, that is her in the above photo. Poor thing.

Word is that Brit has been telling her friends for weeks that filing for divorce was a mistake. "She fully admitted she still loves Kevin and she wants her family back. Her ego wouldn't let her back down from starting the divorce action for a long time," the leak said.

Kevin told Brit that he was not going to get back with her. "Brit then
became incensed and told him she would drag out their divorce in the courts for
months, 'until he saw things her way and came back to her.'"

The National Enquirer reports that Kevin recently called Brit about keeping their sons, so he could go to Amsterdam for his BFF's birthday and she refused.

"Britney doesn't want Kevin going out, period, much less to another country where she can't hear and see what is happening," says the source.

"She's jealous that Kevin has a life without her and gets paid to go to clubs and events. Britney reminds Kevin constantly that he is getting paid because of her- and that he's nothing without her."

The National Enquirer

"Wait until you see my suicide vest."

Rosie needs 15 more minutes....

Read about it at People

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Look! It's JT and that chick that keeps following him

Timberlake and his stalker Jessica Biel wander around Copenhagen

Gab like a rock star

Larry wins wonky

WWE tragedy

Still skanking around for attention...

Kate Moss shoots up with Pete

Look at the Tiger cub!

Too good to be true

Get on Glastonbury

No aliens allowed!

Party like a Potter


Don't forget to watch the BET Awards TONIGHT at 8pm ET

Reese and her double grab a treat

Hating it

Tom Sizemore was sentenced yesterday to 16 months in prison for violating his probation in a 04' crystal meth possession case. Sizemore "abused the privilege of probation" and "needs to be in a lockdown setting," Judge Cynthia Rayvis said.

Sizemore will serve his sentence at Donovan Correctional Facility near San Diego, California, which has a drug rehab facility.

Last week, he cried and pleaded with the judge to give him another chance to overcome his drug problems. Sizemore is due back in court on Tuesday, when a judge will determine how much credit will be applied to his sentence for time already served.

JT hacks on his fans

Timberlake has been accused of spitting on his fans outside of his hotel window in Sweden.

Justin was in "foul mood" when a group of teenagers started to bother him at the city's Hard Rock Café. The teens allegedly followed him back to his hotel, so he came up with a genius idea- he started to "pelt" them with a variety of bizarre objects.

A witness told The Mirror, "First a load of ping-pong balls came raining down. Then came a plastic bottle of water. After that, there was strawberries and other fruit. And then came the phlegm." Eww, ew and ew.

An employee at the hotel said, "These are the worst scenes we have ever seen here and we have celebrities staying here all the time. It was manic, and I've never seen so many TV crew and photographers outside."

Monday, June 25, 2007

Have boob, Will travel....

Demi Moore and her coconuts hit NYC.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Gab on a Friday

Ozzy in drag

Biel in GQ

Couric already wants to bail

HELLO Prince William

Full prisoner interview

Rosie and The Price Is Right

CosmoGIRL Winner

Check out "The Best Years"....premieres June 29th at 8:30


Good God, at first I thought that was Mini Me. TGIF!!

Awesome site...go check it out!

Mandy Moore has a new fellow

This week's In Touch reports that Mandy Moore is dating Greg Laswell. The two were spotted on a shopping spree in West Hollywood a couple of weeks ago.

The mag says that Mandy shelled out more than $1,200 on clothes for the dude. A fellow shopper said that they bought matching t-shirts. You know what that means. "Mandy was walking around the store introducing him as her boyfriend. They looked so in love."

When asked about her private affair, Mandy told In Touch, "I'm happy, and I'm very content.

Permission to land...Travolta coming in

John Travolta is in the record books after becoming the first non-test pilot to fly the new Airbus A380 SuperJumbo. Travolta is a qualified pilot with more than 5,000 flight hours under his belt.

At the Paris Air Show, Travolta said, "I was the first non-test pilot to fly the A380. It was a moment of history. It was fantastic. It's very easy to fly. It was a hand stick operation. It is very forgiving. If you make a mistake, it handles it for you thanks to the latest technical evolutions, whereas I am used to the older Boeing that is a much more hands-on type of flying."

Travolta said he hoped to find time to fly Boeing's F/A-18 fighter jet while at the Paris show. "I've been invited to fly an F18 on Saturday. I'm hoping I'll be able to do that but I don't know if time permits."

When asked if he would buy any planes at the show, Travolta answered, "Oh, no, no, no." You know that really means, "Yes, yes, yesss!"

I'm alive! I'm sober! There's a whole world out there!

Lohan takes a break from rehab


Paris has changed....until next week

In a phone call with E! yesterday, Hilton said, "I'm much more grateful for everything that I have, even just to have a pillow at night or food. In a way, I'm really glad this happened, because it changed my life forever."

"I just realize that the media used me to make fun of and be mean about it. Frankly, I'm sick of it. I want to use my fame in a good way. I feel like I can't wait to start a new chapter of my life. It feels really great even though I really don't like it here."

She just realized the media uses her to make fun?? NO!! What in God's name burst that bubble? Amazing.

E! Online

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ya'll, I wanna look all classy... like Katie Holmes or somethin'

Britney Spears is attempting to change her style, according to In Touch. She met up with her cousin Alli at Neiman's in Beverly Hills and spent almost $33,000 on designer clothes and accessories.

Brit sat in the VIP area sipping sweet tea while a personal shopper brought over multiple items. Brit instructed her to pull out "the kind of stuff Katie Holmes wears."

Some items she purchased: Pink Chanel Croc Bag $10,950....a Manolo croc shoe $3,100....Armani wool jacket $1,865...a Valentino silk shirt $1,080. Back up. Did she steal a receipt from Katie's trash?

A Brit snitch said, "Britney wants to go from trashy to classy. It's going to be an uphill battle. She's still a country girl at heart." Yeehaw.

In Touch

JT and his GF

Timberlake & Biel in Norway

Pic: Just Jared

Gab a drink and stay awhile

Wasted Jude

Angelina's long lost twin

Celebs underneath

Zach Braff tricked us

Hilary in Cosmo

Jessica Biel in a bikini

Xtina buys The Osbourne mansion

If only Paris would get an extension too

Photo: Celebitchy

Jenny wants Jimmy's babies

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey are still going strong. They have been together for 18 months now. Goodness. It's time for a baby!

Jenny's ex pal told Star, "She loves Jim so much that she would be ecstatic to have his child." The gossip said, "Jim is hesitant because he feels they have so much going on already." Aww. He doesn't want to ruin it with a baby. Anyway, Jenny has a 5 year old son, Evan, with her ex John Asher. Jim has a daughter, Jane, 19.


Joss Stone thinks she's Mariah...pass the Miracle Whip

The Sun claims to have a copy of Joss Stone's 11-page list of demands for her performance at Knowsley Hall Music Festival this weekend.

She requested Miracle Whip, 12 de-thorned roses and said that she would only eat her salad dressing from china plates arranged on a table cloth. She mentions, "Feel free to serve regional specialties and be creative."

Maybe she's just a proud pigeon over performing with Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey at the festival. Maybe she thinks she will be a princess. She has been talking with sexy Prince William recently- about her gig at the upcoming concert he's planning in memory of Princess Diana. The Daily Mirror says the two "are close."

Stone's rep is already denying the noise. "They talked about what songs she is going to sing at the concert and that gets translated into a story about how William has been bombarding her with calls." Princess Joss? Eh.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Introducing...The Vegas Vegan...da duhh!

Assistant Pam Anderson performs with Hans on the Today Show

Some supermodel leg

Gisele kicks a promo for Ebel in London

Photos: Hot Celebs

Heather supports her ex

Richie Sambora surprised Heather with a call before he entered rehab. Despite their past, she offered her support.

"Heather was shocked by the call," a friend of Heather's told Star. "She'd never heard Richie so out of sorts. He apologized to Heather for 'the mess' he had made of their marriage."

"He said he's had a lot of time to think recently and he regretted hurting her and splitting up their family when their daughter, Ava, needed both her parents."

Word is Heather knew Richie had been having problems. She told him, "You need to confront your issues. She urged him to seek professional treatment – not just for his own sake but for Ava's."

Sambora's problem started to get really bad after he and Heather separated. "I remember a Bon Jovi concert in Florida in February 2006 where Richie was drinking so heavily, we all began to worry that he could have a severe problem," says the friend. "Everyone knew he was devastated. Heather was the love of his life."

The gossip said, "Richie's finally getting the help he needs, and Heather will be there every step of the way."

Get the new issue of Star Magazine... on stands now

Um, yeah I look good....gotta go!

Jennifer Aniston on the red for New York Times best-selling author Laura Day in Hollywood

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nicole will do whatever it takes to stay out of jail

TMZ is reporting that Nicole Richie will fight her DUI charges in a trial on July 11.

Richie was arrested last December after she was driving the wrong way on an L.A. highway. If convicted, she faces a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of one year behind bars. Will her baby save her?

Photo: Nicole-Fan


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Women in Film

Brit squishes up her bare implant just for you. So shocking. So desperate. NSFW!

Brad's mom is sneaking around with Jen

Making a wife beater look good

Bump today...gone tomorrow

Naomi Campbell smiles like a donut

CZJ InStyle

Beyonce bikini pics

Nightmare on Hilton Street

Photo: Celebitchy

On the unwind

Beyonce & Jay Z in Saint Tropez

Photos: Just Jared

Tiger welcomes his new cub

Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren welcomed a baby girl yesterday, Sam Alexis.

"Both Elin and Sam are doing well and resting peacefully," Woods wrote on his website. "We want to thank our doctors and the hospital staff for all their dedicated and hard work. This is truly a special time in our lives and we look forward to introducing Sam to our family and friends over the next few weeks. We thank everyone for their well wishes and continued respect of our privacy."

Their new baby was born less than 24 hours after Woods finished second in the U.S. Open, one shot behind Angel Cabrera on Sunday.

Brit's Bald Billboards

Say that three times...Britney is NOT happy about the billboards still appearing in Florida that feature her crazy bald head promoting a morning show for WFLZ Radio.

Apparently Clear Channel was warned to take the ads down, but didn't act fast enough. Spears attorney even accuses Clear Channel of "lying" about removing the ads. has obtained a letter to Clear Channel, which owns WFLZ, that reads: "It was outrageous in the extreme that Clear Channel created and displayed the billboards in the first place. That Clear Channel then had the unabashed temerity to lie about their removal shocks the conscience."

The billboards used her bald-headed image with the captions 'Certifiable', 'Shock Therapy' and 'Total Nut Jobs' to promote the morning program.

An attorney for Spears says that Clear Channel is exposing itself to "increased liability by lying about the removal of the ads" and now they want a complete inventory of all billboards containing Spears' photo.

Gone Hollywood

Monday, June 18, 2007

Henry joins Hazel and Phinnaeus

Julia Roberts welcomed Henry Daniel Moder on Monday. Her new boy weighed in at a healthy 8 1/2 lbs.

"The Moder family is doing great," Julia's rep said. Roberts, 39, and husband Danny Moder, 38, have two-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus.


Like, have a cow! Omg, the max

Ham hock time...she's such a savage! Britney driving around Hollywood

Photo: TMZ/Ramey

Gab more caffeine and read on....

Lohan in 10 years...if she's lucky

Hollywood Renaissance

Charlize at the Palms

The horror!

Brit needs more input

V Beck dropped like an 80 pound bomb

Shiloh and Zahara get to hang with mama

Fantasy celeb girl on girl for the day

Omg! Like, look! It's the BFF hair twins!

Photo: Dlisted

Xenu, Xenu!

Tom Cruise is all ready to "perform a Scientology wedding for a friend" this week. Cruise has made it to the highest level of Scientology. Rumor is he will conduct the wedding of James Packer and Erica Baxter on Wednesday evening.

The wealthy Australian heir - who is marrying model-turned-singer Erica Baxter - is one of the Church of Scientology's richest benefactors after he inherited a $6.5 billion fortune when his father, Kerry Packer, died last year.

Media and gaming mogul Mr. Packer and Miss Baxter have booked out the French Riviera's most exclusive hotel, the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, overlooking the sea at Cap d'Antibes, south-west of Nice, for the festivities.

Post Chronicle

Don't look at my roots!

OR my baby! Nicole Richie around town

Pics: Teddy and Moo