Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gab it and run!

YBF exposes Mos Def's secret Dubai princess

Eeek! Joan Rivers without makeup

Don't pass out tonight...

Sexy Gisele

Diddy is sorry for using dingo in his clothing line

Eva does Harrods

The Paul & Heather drama continues

The celeb that should kick Naomi's ass

Baby Tiger on the way

Tiger Woods and his wife Elin are expecting their first child this summer. Woods celebrated his 31st birthday yesterday.

"Obviously, we couldn't be happier and our families are thrilled," Woods said on his Web site. "I have always wanted to be a dad. I just wish my father could be around to share the experience."

Tiger is skipping the season-opening Mercedes-Benz Championship next week in Maui. "I'm going to stick close to home for the next few weeks," he said. Woods will start his '07 season in the Buick Invitational at the end of January, "which will allow Elin and I to spend more time with our families during this very special time in our lives."

Happy New Year!!

My Happy New Year wish for you
Is for your best year yet,
A year where life is peaceful,
And what you want, you get.

A year in which you cherish
The past year's memories,
And live your life each new day
Full of bright expectancies.

I wish for you a holiday
With happiness galore;
And when it's done, I wish you
Happy New Year, and many more.

By Joanna Fuchs

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Laying low...

Jessica Simpson in Hollywood

Indy 4 is coming

George Lucas said Friday that filming of the fourth "Indiana Jones" movie will begin in 2007. Harrison Ford is set to star again. Lucas said he and Steven Spielberg recently finalized the script for the movie.

"It's going to be fantastic. It's going to be the best one yet," Lucas said. Exact film locations have not been decided yet, but part of the movie will be shot in Los Angeles.

The fourth chapter of the "Indiana Jones" saga, which will hit theaters in May 2008, has been in development for over a decade with several screenwriters taking a crack at the script, but it only recently gained momentum.

Lucas kept quiet about the plot, but said that the latest action flick will be a "character piece" that will include "very interesting mysteries." He said, "I think it's going to be really cool."

Naked Britney is finally fading

The "most popular" Britney Spears fan website is closing after the owner declared the pop star is "done."

Ruben Garay, who has hosted since October 2000, announced the site will no longer exist after January 31, because the singer is "losing her identity and credibility with fans and industry people."

Garay says, "I still and will always respect Britney as a human being, we are just choosing to not go on with this site... I think that WoB has had its run. Its feet are not holding firm anymore, not because of my ability to run it, but because I believe Britney is unfortunately done, for me at least." Amen brotha. But will the site reopen when Brit decides to show off her internal organs?

Friday, December 29, 2006

Julia Roberts expecting her third child

Julia Roberts is expecting her third child with her husband, cinematographer Danny Moder, her rep confirmed to People. Roberts, 39, is due this summer.

Mike Tyson busted

Mike Tyson was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of cocaine after police stopped him leaving a Scottsdale nightclub early Friday.

Sgt. Larry Hall said the heavyweight boxer was stopped after his car almost struck a sheriff's vehicle while leaving the club at about 1:45 a.m.

"He showed signs of impairment, and voluntarily submitted to field sobriety tests," said Sgt. Hall.

Tyson was booked, and he is expected to have an initial appearance before a judge later today to determine bail, Hall said.


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Alabaster chic

Lohan on the set of I Know Who Killed Me

Photo: Teddy and Moo

Have a bubble

Charlize Theron hits the beach. Wow,


I'm saying it sweetly...don't hit me!

"I try to stay out of Naomi's way! I say it in a sweet way. She's like a little diva. She has her moments of being funny and sweet. But I've never been around her when she was throwing stuff."

Cindy Crawford on Naomi Campbell

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gab on it

Mariah is puffed wheat again

A little Sharapova

So...Brit's a bloated sexaholic? What's new?

Steve Irwin doll? Already?

Aniston wants Jolie to shut her trap. Seriously! Let a girl move on

MK Olsen takes a drive down Troll Rd

Nicole R is the Hamburglar

Hey Nicole..Paris, wait for meeee!

Ackkk! At least she's standing. Tara Reid in St. Barts


Goodbye Gerald Ford

Gerald R. Ford, who at 93 was America's oldest living President, has died. In a statement released by his wife Betty, no cause, place or time of death was named. Ford had been in and out of the hospital the past several months, and was most recently treated for pneumonia.

"My family joins me in sharing the difficult news that Gerald Ford, our beloved husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather has passed away at 93 years of age," Betty Ford said in the statement. "His life was filled with love of God, his family and his country."


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Goodbye James Brown

James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul" died on Christmas morning at age 73.

Brown died of congestive heart failure at 1:45 a.m. on Monday at Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta.

Brown went to a dentist last week, who noticed him coughing and recommended he see a doctor. He was admitted on Saturday with severe pneumonia.


Friday, December 22, 2006

Is it a trick?

Anna's baby drama

Finally, a judge has ordered a paternity test to determine the father of Anna Nicole Smith's 3-month-old daughter Dannielynn Hope, according to People.

"If I was on anybody's Christmas list, they can scratch me off because this is the best Christmas present I could have ever received," Larry Birkhead said. "I'm one step closer to beginning a relationship with my daughter."

Smith's lawyer, Ron Rale, said the judge "threw out 80 percent of their case. This isn't nearly the end of the story," he said.


Christina & Jordan are fine- according to pal

Quick snip on this post. Sounds all good to me:

"i was one of the guys he was out with in LA. they are still madly in love. they were on the phone for hours each day while she was abroad.

they are rock solid and not going anywhere.

as an aside, he makes more then enough money to maintain his lifestyle in businesses of his own, and he wears his ring on a necklace.

don't hate - it's not a good look.

it's the holiday season for pete's sake, try spreading some love.

that's the real scoop."

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gab on a Thursday

Gisele and Josh? Random

Titney gets a tat

TomKat update

Kate Winslet looks hot

The Diddy babies are here

Has Cam lost the hot?

Beyonce, her hair and Rihanna

Beauty queens go wild

Go enter the MTV Goes Gold New Years Eve contest!

Reese heads to South Carolina

Reese Witherspoon has moved back home to Charleston, South Carolina with her two kids. Reese split from husband Ryan Phillippe in October, after seven years of marriage.

According to the New York Post, Reese was "thoroughly disgusted with both marriage and her life in Hollywood and wanted to return to her Southern roots. Witherspoon moved back to Charleston to be closer to her family and has enrolled both of her children in local public schools."

Reese said, "I'm doing fine. I'm getting out a little more now. You'll be seeing more of me."

Halle Berry...Holla!

Halle Berry has just finished recording a self-titled album that will be released sometime next year. Berry sang in both films Introducing Dorothy Dandridge and Why Do Fools Fall In Love. That was really her?

Berry says, "I've always loved to sing. This album will show people that I can do more than act." Look out Rihanna

It's Renee

Zellweger outside of The Late Show

Gibson's "love child" gets 20k for story

An Aussie woman claiming to be Mel Gibson's "secret love child" has sold her story to a UK tabloid for more than $20,000.

Carmel Sloane, 29, alleges her mother Marilyn was picked up by Gibson while she was hitchhiking in Australia in 1976 and she was conceived in the back of the car. Nice.

According to Sydney's Daily Telegraph, Sloane, the divorced mother of one, and her mother have been paid more than $20,000 for their tawdry tale. Sloane's ex-husband, Glenn, who has custody of their son Jordan, 10, is furious that he didn't receive any warning that their child would be linked to the story.

He explains, "I was so upset and shocked. People were ringing me about the story and I wasn't prepared to protect my son." When asked if he had spoken to his ex-wife about the claims since the story broke, he said, "She's denying the whole thing." He added that the paternity claims were "mentioned during our relationship, but I always thought it was a crock."

Whiny Trump says he will sue Rosie

Donald Trump is threatening to sue Rosie O'Donnell after she made "unflattering statements" about him on The View yesterday. Rosie called Trump a "snake-oil salesman" following his announcement that he would not fire dramatic Miss USA, Tara Conner. Now that is funny.

She then went on to talk about his "alleged extra-marital affairs and discussed Trump's finances, claiming that he went bankrupt - a charge he denies." Trump told People that O'Donnell is "a woman out of control" and said that he would be suing her over her statement questioning his financial well-being.

He says, "You can't make false statements. Rosie will rue the words she said. I'll most likely sue her for making those false statements - and it'll be fun. Rosie's a loser. A real loser. I look forward to taking lots of money from my nice fat little Rosie." Looks like fat little Rosie hit a nerve. Dude, go brush out your wig and chill.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Who me?

So demure...Nic Kidman in Sydney

Photo: Saving Face

Next American Idol is extremely extreme

Hang on to your seats...Ryan Seacrest warns that the new season of American Idol will be exciting and different. What? Are they dividing contestants by race?

Seacrest told People, "We didn't think we would go out and see the extremes that we saw. There is the extremely naive and the extremely good and not a lot in between, which is good." Huh?

The show's executive producer said, "Something we're working on is a big-event show, sometime in the middle of the season, something that will blow America away."

"There's some great talent out there. But there's also some people who are delusional about their talent, too. That's the beauty of an open call, everybody comes. Everybody thinks they've got a great voice." Sounds extreme. Idol starts up on FOX with two-hour editions on Jan. 16 and 17.

Celeb quote of the day

"She does one of the worst things a woman ever could do. I actually had trouble shooting that scene because I'm so against that kind of behavior. She seduces him, and entraps him into having a child! There's not much worse than that."

Angelina Jolie on her Good Shepherd character

To the left

Beyonce outside The Late Show

Photos: Gossip Rocks

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Don't look at me!

Okay, nevermind, I'm cool. Ashley Olsen in Bev Hills

Jolie says giving birth is easier than adoption

Angelina Jolie insists "adoptive parents are more fit to raise a child than biological parents, because their background and personality is thoroughly scrutinized to see if they're suitable for the challenge."

Jolie was put through stringent tests before being granted permission to adopt Maddox, five, and Zahara, one. But when she gave birth to baby Shiloh- nobody investigated her suitability as a mother.

She says, "It should be hard to be a parent period. I go through many things to adopt. "I'm finger-printed, I'm checked, I go through home studies. I have to prove I'm a decent citizen; a good human being. That didn't happen to me when I gave birth, so it's interesting that there's no background check when you bring a child into your home in that way."

Have a toe

Catherine Zeta going uptown....

Photos: Saving Face

Monday, December 18, 2006

Want to do it with Timberlake?

Justin Timberlake is looking for a partner to sing with at the Grammys. The Recording Academy, together with CBS Corp. and Yahoo Inc. is holding a contest to find an unknown singer to perform with JT at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 11.

Contestants are asked to submit a 60-second video clip of them singing one of nine songs selected by Timberlake.

From there it goes like a mini American Idol- A panel will thin out the contestants down to 12, and then us regular folk will be able to vote online to narrow the group down to five...then three.

"The three finalists will be announced during Super Bowl weekend, and will attend the Grammy Awards ceremony. During the show, the winner will be announced and hop on stage to sing with Timberlake."

Celebrity Fit Club 5 is coming

The cast is all set for a new season of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club 5. A fresh, new tribe of celebrities are all ready to drop some chub while competing for cash and prizes.... and don't forget all of that free therapy!

The new cast includes Maureen McCormick "Marcia" from The Brady Bunch, Dustin Diamond "Screech" from Saved By The Bell, 80's Popster Tiffany, Country music artist Cledus T. Judd, Rapper Da Brat, Ross "The Intern" Mathews from The Tonight Show, Kimberley Locke from American Idol and Warren G.

VSPOT will supply loads of Celebrity Fit Club 5 exclusive content- including never-seen-before footage from the show. Keep checking VH1 for fresh updates. Premieres in April 2007.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Uma on set

Uma Thurman and Colin Firth on the set of The Accidental Husband in NYC

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Nick Lachey and The Pussycat Dolls at Z100's Jingle Ball in NYC

Christina & Jordan....another one bites the dust?

Life & Style says that the honeymoon is lonnng over for Aguilera and her husband of one big year. Christina is on tour in Europe, while Jordon is home clubbing it up around LA.

"The couple has been seen partying sans wedding rings. On December 6, Christina left Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris without her ring, she looked upset. Over the course of three nights, Jordon did the club scene with friends- also without his ring. He was looking sad and distressed."

You know the rest...their reps say they're fine. The couple is set to host a New Year's Eve party in NYC at the Hudson with loads of friends. "It will be part of Christina's homecoming since she's been traveling so much." But will they wear their rings? Dun dun dun....

Life & Style

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, and Jaden Smith ouside of The Late Show...they seem like such a nice family. How can you not love Will?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Gab on a Friday

Yum...a dancing Brad

Celeb time travel

Heidi Klum is superwoman

Courteney Cox vs. Brad Pitt

Brit's security sucks

Angelina's spread

Rocky premiere

Lieutenant William

Prince William graduated as an army officer on Friday, he is now formally known as 2nd Lieutenant William Wales.

Prince William will train to be a troop commander in an armored reconnaissance unit.

After a year in the army, he will spend time in the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy on "familiarization attachments".

Reuters/Oh no they didn't

Who needs Pammy?

Not Kid Rock. He has moved Tommy Lee's ex-girlfriend, Erin Naas. Such a tight circle. A source said Erin "caught Kid's eye at a Billboard Awards party in Las Vegas earlier this month. Erin is now seeing Kid."

The two had their first date at the Sage Room in Malibu where they shared pizza and wine. "She was laughing at his stories and seemed to be having a great time," a witness said. So what's Pam up to? Hanging with Travis Barker....What's next? Shanna Moakler and Tommy Lee?

In Touch

Why is Portia with a man?

Anna Kournikova and Enrique hit the streets..

Photos: Saving Face