Friday, April 29, 2005

Tommy Lee seduces transvestite

OMG how funny...can you just imagine?? He has a built in radar for boobified blondes but it went off on some cojones instead. Must have been the jesus juice! From Female First UK:

Rocker TOMMY LEE is playing down his latest romantic encounter after reportedly seducing a transvestite in a Seattle, Washington club..

The MOTLEY CRUE star was a guest DJ at Club Medusa when he spotted the blonde bombshell, according to American tabloid the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, and made his move.

According to onlookers, the rocker invited his date into a VIP area of the club and spent the evening kissing her before she headed for the restrooms and was spotted relieving herself at the men's urinals. The news didn't get back to Tommy Lee, however, and the drummer left the club with his new friend.

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Tinna said...

wooow... thats fkn funny ^^