Thursday, June 30, 2005

Brad & Angelina


Designer hits the JACKPOT...

Jennifer Aniston was shopping in London when she complimented a fan on her coat. "I casually complimented her on her great coat and she explained it was one of her own designs and insisted on giving it me," reveals Jen. "She was literally taking her coat off in the cold and handing it over! I was mortified. I told her I would visit her studio to buy one. But she wouldn't hear of it. I still feel odd wearing it, but I love this coat and you wouldn't believe the amount of compliments I get!"

Well of course the unknown designer was ripping her clothes off for Aniston!! I'm sure she couldn't get it off fast enough. Minutes before we hear who she is I'm sure....Courtney Cox ALREADY wants one.


Celeb quote of the day

"I lost my own baby fat when I started eating whatever fell off the high chair instead of having a four hour lunch."

Kelly Ripa, on slimming down after kids

Ashton Kutcher can't swim.

Kutcher, 27, has been cast in a new movie where he's in The US Coast Guard. Rumor is he is "learning to swim and has never swum." That sounds like a riddle.

A source reveals, "Ashton is taking swimming lessons from the Guardian Swim Training program in Santa Monica, California."


Christian group says Jessica is a SLUT

A religious organization, known as "The Resistance", wants Jessica to re-shoot a 'clean' version of the video for 'These Boots Were Made For Walking' and publicly apologize for her dirty performance. Pfffft.

The Resistance spokesman John Conner is quoted as saying, "She should be ashamed of herself. It's disappointing to have Jessica, a pastor's daughter and Christian role model, join the ranks of the 'singing strippers' such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera."

Conner continues ranting...."She has one of the most beautiful voices, and is a very beautiful girl, but it's sad to see her whore her self out like this. What's worse is that pastor Joe Simpson is Jessica's manager, as well as her father." Harsh.


Sharon Stone picks her body doubles

Stone decided she wants to use body doubles for the sex scenes in Basic Instinct II...instead of getting all nude herself.

"Dozens of girls were interviewed for the sex scenes and Sharon decided which ones she wanted to use. She is 48 and time has taken its toll in some departments." However, the source says although producers are looking for women with exceptional bodies they don't want anyone who might upstage Sharon.

The Sun

Prince William arrives in New Zealand

The Prince does New Zealand from today to July 10. He will do things like Diana did...such as visiting schools, conduct two ceremonies marking the contribution made by New Zealand soldiers during World War II and he will open the New Zealand Junior Mens Water Polo competition..just to name a few.

"In a visit which will cover both South and North Islands, William will also spend some time privately, enjoying the outdoor pursuits for which New Zealand is well known, staying on a farm and visiting a marae to learn more about Maori culture and history."

scoop/JJB ezboard

Tom Cruise...brainwash update

Tom Cruise said he believes in Aliens. The War of the Worlds actor said, "Of course I believe in aliens. Are you really so arrogant to believe we are alone in unending space? Millions of stars, and we're supposed to be the only life form? No! There are many things out there that we do not know about." Just keep digging yourself deeper dude...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Penelope Cruz goes cold robba

From Ralph Lauren to P Diddy? You have to be joking. Cruz, who posed for Lauren, is shooting an autumn campaign for P Diddy's new womenswear line- Sean by Sean Combs.


Brad Pitt to cohost Philly Live 8

Brad Pitt will cohost alongside Will Smith at the Philadelphia segment of the Live 8 concerts on July 2. The multi city international event is focusing on poverty in Africa. Madonna, Coldplay, Maroon 5 and Elton John are among the wide ranging acts.


Leo bought an island

In between getting his head bashed in by psycho girl last week...Leo DiCaprio purchased his own personal Caribbean island.

"He plans to turn the 104 acre island, off Belize, into a five star resort. He wants to make money without destroying the environment. Energy sources will be renewable and it will be self sustaining."

Leo became "passionate" about the environment while filming "The Beach" in Thailand.

The Sun

Celeb quote of the day

"I have missed the boat a lot with relationships. But the great thing is, more boats keep coming over the horizon. And I've got to tell you, some of these boats look pretty good."

Owen Wilson

Kate Moss' druggie Pete digs dudes

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were "married" in a tent at Glastonbury Festival last week. After dating for a whole five months, they did the festival's famous "Chapel of Love and Loathing in Lost Vagueness" which hosts pretend weddings and divorces in a fake church. What?!!

Anyway....Kate's self professed heroin addict recently admitted he once worked as a gay prostitute. He said he would not rule out a homosexual relationship.

Doherty said, "Fuck yeah! I find men beautiful. I find it in their souls and the wisdom they give you."

contact music

Sharapova says "Stop snapping my ass!"

Tennis chick Maria Sharapova has banned photogs from taking pictures of her ASS. She is sick and tired of paparazzi at Wimbledon and they are getting sick of HER...saying it's kind of hard to miss her butt when she has a Nike logo stuck to it!!

"We were taking pictures during her training sessions when an official told us to stop," one enraged photographer said. "We've been warned off in no uncertain terms. It's a bit rich from a girl who makes loads of money from her face and bottom being plastered everywhere."

"The order came from a senior official at the training courts," a Wimbledon spokesperson confirmed. "They were taking pictures from an unauthorized place."

Daily Star

Mischa Barton & Brandon Davis


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Demi goes to a baby shower

Ironic? Who knows. Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Demi's daughter Rumer with a friend. Would you look at that! The "friend" looks to be about the same age as Scruffy McScruff Ashton....mother and daughter's dates can bond. Awww.

Solid gold or platinum?

Catching on in Hollyweird: Auric sunglasses. Get them in platinum or go gold....rose, white or yellow. Encrusted with diamonds they will set you back about $20-30,000 a pair. Fans include Victoria Beckham and Usher. Surprising I know. Check out the big time blingage here you fox.

In Touch

Check it...Lindsay is healthy again!

Kidding....the above is really a pic of Kirsten Dunst catching some sun in LA last week. Maybe next time.


Liz Hurley sucks Hugh Grant

Last week Elton John had a big bash....the "White Tie & Tiara Ball". Elizabeth Hurley and her mate were there...except she kept flirting with her ex boyfriend Hugh Grant all night. Didn't sit well with Hugh's long time woman, Jemima Kahn.

"Jemima was furious. Liz was flirting with Hugh all night," said a witness. "Her boyfriend Arun Nayer was there but was oblivious to it. We couldn't believe it when she grabbed Hugh's hand and started sucking his finger suggestively. Everyone was stunned by Liz's behavior. Jemima just turned on her heel and stalked off." The onlooker adds: "He raced after her but Jemima was not in a forgiving mood. He was looking dead sheepish. He must have had a hell of a lot of crawling to do."

Sheepish?? Just like he did in his MUGSHOT after the "Divine Brown oral hooker sex in the alley" incident.

Daily Mirror

Awww...look at the baby!

David Arquette and baby Coco. Look! He is actually very responsible. Who knew?


Paris and her man clone

His hand is definitely on her ass, but she looks like she may
not be feeling that gigantore ring.

Scary enough that the narcissist found a wealthy man with her name. For the love of GOD... he is wearing her face on his clothes. The metamorphosis continues. When will he get blonde extensions and start carrying her rat dog?


Liz Hurley in London show

Elizabeth Hurley will do a London based show, "Project Catwalk" which gives contestants the chance to break into the fashion industry.

Three finalists will have the chance to show a womenswear collection during Fashion Week in February, 2006. The winner will then get to showcase their designs in a spread in a top "glossy" magazine and a big cash prize to help start his/her collection. As long as the magazine is glossy...matte just won't do.

Hollywood Reporter

Paris and her ring this the engagement ring she finally decided on? Very understated.


Latest Brit pic

Yup...she is growing and the style is staying the same.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Lohan collapses....just a matter of time

Lohan was peddling like a mad woman on her stationary bike at a Los Angeles gym earlier this month. Next thing you know, she got off, turned pale and crashed flat on her face. How can we be surprised? Get this chick into rehab.

"Everybody was shocked", said a witness. "Lindsay wasn't moving and she appeared to be unconscious."

Lindsay's friend, Kimberly Stewart, splashed water in her mouth until she regained consciousness. A few minutes later Lohan was running around telling everyone "she was fine." Of course it is being blamed on "exhaustion and dehydration." Crack kills.

In Touch

Celeb quote of the day

"I have always developed deep ties with actors who have played alongside me. I always fall in love."

Angelina Jolie

Aniston & Vince Vaughn

Jennifer & Vince do seem to "get on" quite well. They are filming the romantic comedy "The Breakup". I can't imagine going from Pitt to Vaughn.

"They looked to be really enjoying each other's company," said an insider. "They were laughing and smiling and were very tactile together. There was definitely some chemistry between them."


Friday, June 24, 2005

Drew Barrymore...

Just another day on set.



Uma Thurman and her mini me son, Levon.


Katie's uncle rags on Tom

Katie Holmes' uncle said that her family is "far from happy" about her hook up with Tom Cruise and even more unhappy about the Scientology thing. Do you blame them?

Mike Sitter, a fellow parishioner at the Holmes family's church, said, "Katie's uncle Fritz said he reckons it (relationship) will only last a couple of months because of the age gap. He approached me and said, 'So what do you make of this Tom and Katie business? I think Tom seems like a real jerk. I give it 60 days.'" Ouch.

Just say no to drugs...

Yes, that is Courtney Love. Hope you already had your bagel. Guess that's what happens when you are "drug free." Can you just see Lohan & Richie following behind her?! Updates at lunch...Happy Friday!


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Nic Cage and his email drama

The actor has involved the FBI to help find a hacker impersonating him. The crazy sent "graphic sexual messages" to his friends that all came from Cage's private email address.

The FBI has confirmed it is working alongside the Secret Service and Los Angeles Police to catch the online criminal.

Cage's spokesperson said in a statement: "Nicolas Cage would like to make the general public aware that somebody has illegally and fraudulently been using the following old AOL email address pretending to be Nicolas Cage -" Nicolas wants to press charges and have the nut "locked up." Good luck with that.


Gwen still writes about her ex

Before Gavin Rossdale, Gwen was with her fellow No Doubt bass player Tony Kanal. Stefani said that her new single "Cool" was inspired by him. How could you be with Gavin and still write about this guy?? She has said that they are still friends.

"I was never intending to go personal," said Stefani. "This was meant to be a get up on the dance floor kind of album, you know?" Yes, we do..and it is!

"But no matter what you do, things just come out, this just ended this whole thing for me in my head and it puts an end to this chapter in a really nice way." Hasn't she said that before about Kanal?


Janet is gaining again...

Her weight goes up and down more than Oprah. Janet Jackson on her way to a recording studio looking a tad bulky. I'm sure she will have a six pack again in the next couple of weeks!


Jessica Alba & Cash Warren

Jessica & her hot as hell guy Cash Warren went to see "Batman" in Hollyweird. Check out her get up.


Ryan Phillippe

Ryan, Reese Witherspoon's hubby, shopping along in Brentwood and looking very good..yum.

Demi new face for Versace

Donatella "get out!" Versace announced yesterday that Demi Moore completed a photo shoot and the Versace ad's will start to appear in August.

"I have known Demi Moore for many years and never has she been as beautiful as she is now," said Versace. "Her presence is magnetic because it is entirely natural and never forced. Her personality comes shining through."


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nicole Richie

The trend is obviously to get as skinny as humanly possible via hard drugs and wear the most big ass sunglasses you can find.


Lindsay... before and now


Sadie Frost is forty

Sadie Frost had a "Bugsy Malone" themed party in London to celebrate her big 40th. While her hot ex, Jude Law, is with 24 year old Sienna Miller. Harsh.

"Davinia Taylor reportedly arrived bearing a $150,000 jewel encrusted bracelet for Sadie, who was dressed in a white mother of pearl dress, while boyfriend Jackson Scott performed songs from the musical. And with tables draped in white lilies and pearls, the champagne didn't stop flowing all night." Sadie was loving it.

Daily Mirror

Lohan throws a fit at her premiere

Lohan left her "Herbie" Hollywood premiere when she found out the song she recorded for the movie only gets played during the *closing* credits.

"I was upset when I didn't hear my song during the race scene, where I originally thought it would be. I was like, 'Whoaaa,' because nobody stays to hear the song in the closing credits," moans Lindsay. "So I ran out. I recorded it right before I got sick and went to the hospital. And then I shot the video for it and re-sprained my ankle. I pushed myself to get it done for the movie when I probably should have waited."

See...Jennifer is fine

Vince Vaughn is holding her...everything is good. Okay, they are filming a scene from her new movie "The Break Up." Rumor is they had good chemistry on set. Poor girl.

The Cruise mobile


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kirstey Alley is a hoser

Looks like Alley learned something from the Tom Cruise water incident. She tried to hose down paparazzi outside of her Los Angeles home. Have some boobs...geez