Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gab some more

It's been too quiet...Rosie needs attention

Naked Heidi

When you already have everything....

Do you think Diddy was laughing?

J Lo and rat face

Oh, goodness!

Warning...your eyes. I'm warning your eyes. Thank you.

In case you missed this greatness.

Eeek! China's hairiest man wants to carry the Olympic Torch...that could be uh, dangerous.

Welcome to the WingMakers' world

Photo: Pretty On The Outside

Pete loves Kate for her bones and brains....sho shexxy

Loopy Pete Doherty is publicly begging supermodel Kate Moss to take him back. He told his "favorite" newspaper, the Daily Mirror, "I like the way she walks and talks. I love her bones. I love her brain."

"Kate has broken my heart. There's been this lock down and I can't get hold of her. This is the only way I can get through," he pleaded to the paper.

"I need her to know that she's out of her f***ing mind. Kate, if you love me then realize I don't want any other girl." Sniff.

Photo: The Bosh/Contactmusic

Wind it up!

Gwen hits the stage in Sydney...

Update: The National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students want Gwen's Kuala Lumpur show canceled because her "image offends Islamic beliefs." The group calls Gwen "indecent" and "obscene."

Mohamad Hilmi Ramli told Female First, "Her video clips promoting the event are too obscene. We want the organizers to cancel the concert, failing which we will ask the authorities to intervene."

Her Malaysian show was is scheduled to take place at the Stadium Putra on August 21. She will also perform in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, China and Hawaii, then off to Europe.

Pics: Gossip Rocks/Female First

Lohan's mama tells Trump to stick it

The Donald gave his own advice to Lindsay Lohan to help her get sober: "get a new set of parents."

Dina Lohan fired back, "I've always had a great admiration for your business sense and I've read all your books and learned from them. Your own brother died of alcoholism and you own Trump Vodka? You say Lindsay needs new parents? Such a rash statement without backing it with fact? I am a single mother of four children doing what I can during this difficult time! Do a background check of both parents and you will find the truth! Shame on you... so many families suffer from this, yours included. We need solutions not opinions!"

For the love of.....Quit blaming her parents. Lohan is not Dakota Fanning, she is 21 years old. She does not even follow the LAW- why on earth would she listen to her parents?? Next.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Gab

Skanky fan grabs Tim McGraw's fruit bowl...in front of Faith

Hot aging celebs

Paris disgusts her grandfather out of billions

Get in mah belly!

Brad and Ang retiring?

Timberlake and his girl

Aguilera cancels concert in Australia

My Death Space.com....fuhhreaky

Panda ca ca to be recycled into souvenirs...fresh.

Cell phones light up operating room during black out

Is it really? Could it be?

Oh my Goddd! It's Fergie and some lucky little fans....


How to ruin a cute dress....

Spears in LA

Pic: Britney.cl

Hey! That crazy astronaut was on to something

"So I'm peeing in Grace's diapers...I went through two Pampers...Let me tell you, those things work."

Elizabeth Hasselbeck, on needing to use the bathroom while stuck in traffic

Us Weekly, Issue 651

Kelly O is skinny.....

From the waist up.... Osbourne is all ready to make her West End debut in Chicago. She will play Mama Morton for a seven week season running from September 10 to October 27.

Broadway and London producer Barry Weissler said, "We're very excited that Kelly is joining the production. She's internationally recognized, she's unique — it's the perfect match."

Kelly said, "It's been a dream of mine to be in the West End. I can't wait to work with such an amazing cast."

Daily Mail

Swank's new campaign

Hilary Swank is leading a new campaign, the Pantene Beautiful Lengths drive. The charity supports women who have lost their hair during cancer treatment.

The effort encourages people to grow their hair long- cut and donate it, to create wigs for women who have lost their hair through cancer. Swank has promised to grow out her own hair for the drive.

She says, "I have lost multiple family members to cancer and witnessed their struggle first hand. I've never heard of anything quite like Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and I'm proud to be asked to promote the goals of such a unique and heartfelt program."

What the eff?

The Enquirer reports that model Angie Everhart is engaged to Joe Pesci. "Love blossomed after a seven year friendship, and finally Joe said 'What are waiting for? Let's do it!," a source told the mag.

Pesci, 5'4, has been married three times. Everhart, 5'10, was briefly married to Ashley Hamilton. The two supposedly became comfy close when Angie supported him during the arrest of his third wife Marti- she was charged for attempted murder of her second husband.

"Angie has been wonderful. They truly delight in laughing together, golfing and being around each other all the time." Joe proposed on one knee with an 8 carat...

The Enquirer

Friday, July 27, 2007

You know how easy it is to burn through Cash....

That was fast. Jessica Alba and a "pal"....click image to examine and determine

Source: JJB

Friday Gabathon

"I can't get in trouble. I'm a celebrity. I can do whatever the f**k I want." Loserville.

Celeb bobble heads

Nicole Richie is going to jail. Why isn't Lohan in jail??

Easy on the eyeballs

Bow chikka wow woww

H Duff is swinging a new man

Crazy bitch.

Poor Angelina. Sniff.

Mendes covers Jane with her flowers

Judge orders $101.75 Million to innocent men thrown in the slammer back in 1965

Drunk Japanese skater pulled over for drunk driving on a moped. Horrendous. Puts Lohan to shame.

Exxon send man 2,000 credit cards. Sweet.

Photo: Pretty On The Outside


Heidi Klum does Arena...TGIF

Source: Faded Youth

Paris wants Becks

Look out Old Spice! "Paris is telling everyone that she wants to hook up with David Beckham," a spy told OK! Magazine. "She is obsessed with him and she can't stand Victoria." Why? What's wrong with an old pop star?

Word is the feeling is mutual. When asked about Paris on her show, Victoria said nothing and made the major "ewww" face. Oh, it's on!


"Ryan Seacrest is like my own little Richard Simmons."

John Mayer (quoted in GQ)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's the Simpson sisters

Ashlee and Jessica at their cousin's wedding in Texas...Gosh darn that's one cute beebee

Photo: JJB

Over here!

Catherine Zeta Jones visits The Late Show...where did her ass go?

Sharon Stone has a boyfriend

Sharon Stone, 49, is reportedly dating Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson. "Sharon really likes Craig because he's no metrosexual. He's smart and chivalrous and has that sexy Scottish accent. Sharon likes her men brainy," a source claims.

The two tried to hook up back in 2005- but Sharon's work schedule was just too busy. Rumor is she is all good and ready to "settle down" with the 45 year old Ferguson. Weird.

This weeks Star Magazine

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gab to the left

Rodriguez has a new boyfriend

Celeb bullfrog lips

Loreal gets called out

Beyonce wants to be with you...I mean like, really with you on the floor

Happy International MCR Day

Innocent my ASS....Send her to jail so she can DRY IT OUT. You know, actually be sober for more than 10 minutes

Dude. It is what it is.


Yup. She's screwed.

Rowling has boob

Businessman throws down $210,000 on booze

Missing dog found 2000 miles away

"Behind Every Famous Person is a Fabulous Teacher".....visit TeachersCount and honor our awesome teachers across America

Photo: Dlisted/ Splash

Hey boys! Jessica Alba is a single woman

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have split up. The two started dating in 2005, when he was an assistant on the set of "The Fantastic Four."

Alba reportedly broke up with Warren. On July 22, she called him and said, "I'm not in love with you anymore," sources told the mag. Awwww. Poor guy. "He's totally devastated. It happened almost out of nowhere."

Alba's rep had no comment.

Us Weekly

Get down girl!

Tom and Katie show us what they really do behind closed doors...

Us Weekly Via JJB

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cali beach babe

Heather Locklear in Malibu

Have some Gab and a smile

Scientologist Nazi


Flavor gets roasted

Such a weirdo.

Shanna Moakler is bummed out

Kelly C apologizes

BeBe Eva

Retro celebs

OK! Magazine has decided to publish Britney's meltdown! Sad.

Super chihuahua saves baby

The naked blonde with gold stilettos and a Ferrari. What the hell is Paris doing now?

Photo: Glitterati

But....I have on a monitoring device! You can't take me!

Dlisted is reporting that Lindsay Lohan was arrested AGAIN this morning with a fresh, new DUI. What the F?? What is wrong with his chick?

According to reports, Lohan was busted around 2:15 AM near Pico Boulevard and Main Street in Santa Monica. Hear the toilet flush? Oh...and she had cocaine in her pocket. Hating it.


Official mugshot via TMZ

Top Photo: Celeb Dirty Laundry

Be sure to have your pet spayed or neutered!

Drew Carey will replace Bob Barker as the new host of The Price Is Right. Yea!

Carey confirmed his new gig on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. "When do you begin?" asked Letterman. Carey replied: "You got me...All I know is that all the deal points we wanted got settled. And I just found out, honestly."

Last week, Carey said, "I would really enjoy doing the show, and I think I'd be good at it."


Monday, July 23, 2007

Loving Locklear's leftovers

The Enquirer says that Heather Locklear "flipped out" over recent photos of David Spade man handling Pam Anderson in Las Vegas. They say she really lost it over the pics of the two kissing at JET nightclub.

An insider told the mag, "Heather went ballistic. When she split with her first husband, Tommy Lee, Heather told him he was free to go after anyone but Pam." Of course Tommy married Pam and had two kids. The source said Heather just can't stand Pamela.

"Pam has always been Heather's nemesis. On a professional level, she has no respect for her. And on a personal level, forget it."

Even though Heather is dating her co-star, Jack Wagner, she is upset that Spade is getting involved with the one woman she wanted him to stay away from. "David and Heather's low key romance started weeks after she filed for divorce from Richie Sambora, they were serious for several months."

"David used to make fun of Pam- Heather would laugh at his jokes about Pam's intelligence. David's barbs were particularly sharp. That's why Heather was astounded to see him hooking up with her. Now Heather is mad, saying she can't believe what a lying hypocrite David is. And if she runs into him, she says she's going to tell him straight to his face." Oh, now that's one fight I do not want to see...rrreow!

The Enquirer

Sippin' on some sizzurp

"I drink a lot of NyQuil. They don't call you an alcoholic if you just drink a lot of NyQuil."

Don Cheadle, joking about what he does for fun


Off kilter

Tom, Katie, Posh, David Beckham, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will at the Beckham's welcome party...click to see the bigness

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ohhhhh, Kermie

Pink plays in Germany

Nice language babe.....

Ummm....like, oh my God. Angry much?

Via Dlisted/ Splash

I remember when.....

"One guy took me to Skid Row in downtown LA to see the homeless people. And you know, in a way I thought it was cool to experience it, but it was a little too random for a first date."

Rachel Bilson

Friday, July 20, 2007

Passing the Gab....TGIF bad mamma jamma

The black Madonna

The NY bad ass

Lohan surrenders to police- wonder if she was rolling

Rowling....Simma down now!!

Spot the goth....Peculiar, D&S clothed Brit shoots new video

Lohan is tiring

Please pray for Tammy Faye

Courtney Love flips off Paris, now that's funny

Faith Hill cloned and toned

FBI investigating NBA referee for betting on games he officiated

Spoilers and hysteria over Potter

Dude visits every single Starbucks in Manhattan within 24 hours....bellyACHE!

Photo: Dlisted

Express yourself

Hey, Hey....Madonna in London

Your Jovi is my Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi is threatening to sue the makers of the energy drink Mijovi - because he thinks the beverage is way too similar to his own name.

Marcos Carrington launched the drink back in 2004 and claims he was inspired to name the drink Mijovi after his girlfriend Jovita.

Jon Bon isn't feeling their slogans-- "itsmijovi" and "itsmilife." In a recent letter to Carrington, Bon Jovi's lawyer said, "As you should be aware, one of Bon Jovi's most popular songs is entitled 'It's My Life.' We hereby demand that you immediately cease and desist all further use of the name Mijovi and 'It's My Life.'"

Carrington has since agreed to stop the use of "itsmilife" in his marketing campaigns, but protests: "It is just unfair. 'itsmilife' means it's my jovial life. It is unfair because Mijovi has nothing to do with Bon Jovi."

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The boob juggler

Tara Reid hits a party in LA for the Chelsea team

Pic: Just Jared

Amy Winehouse spits on fans

After canceling several shows, Winehouse finally performed at the Eden Project on Tuesday night.

Fans said Amy was in tears while on stage-- hitting herself on the head with a microphone in frustration when she forgot the words to her songs, and she topped off her gig by spitting into the crowd. Vom. Then she "stormed off stage."

Melinda Trevaskis, 26, from St Austell, said: "The gig became absolutely awful. Members of her entourage were coming on to the stage, obviously worried she couldn't go on, and she would just shout "f*** off" at them. Everyone in the crowd just felt sorry for her."

The crowd said Amy was acting weird, erratic and she looked scary skinny. Her rep explained, "She was annoyed with herself. She is a bit ring rusty after not having played for a while and was upset after making a few mistakes in the set." In other words....pretend everything is fine.

Photo: A Socialite's Life

Old Babs is a peachy snob

Barbra Streisand is staying in a $12,000-a-night suite at the Dorchester in London where she has some performances lined up. Employees have been set up with "strict rules" -- including a demand not to look Barbra directly in the eye. Don't look at me!!

Some of the demands from her stay at at Castletown House last week include a peach-colored toilet roll to match her complexion, and rose petals in the toilet bowl. Also--One hundred-and-twenty designer bathroom towels also in peach and ten highly specified designer floor lamps. Oh yeah, the security team must wear 'neat dark sweaters' and use metal detectors.

A source told London's Evening Standard, "We were given a list of requirements that had to be met. Her manager said she needed certain things to make her feel like she was at home. She is using her own security team and will hardly set foot in the main areas of the hotel. It is easy to enter and exit the hotel from her suite without ever being seen."

A source from the Dorchester said, "We are used to famous people here, but Miss Streisand is almost on a different level. Johnny Depp was here a few weeks ago, but was very low key. He just sat with friends in the bar. He was drinking a $1,200 bottle of wine, but he did not expect any special treatment. But we are expecting everything to be different for her."

Britney strips down to her panties...jumps in ocean

Well, well. Exciting, unusual news. Brit did her freaky exhibitionist act and decided to beat the heat in Malibu. What's left to say?

Daily Mail

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Have some Gab

Nick Nolte does his David Hasselhoff impersonation

Wonky overload

Lohan parties like she's in high school

Nicole Richie is my idol

Crazy is coming

What happened to little Frances Bean??

Loser beats up photog

Group of spiders saves teenager

Man convicted of leaving child to be eaten by alligators

Photo: TMZ

Harajuku sue

Stefani's Harajuku Lovers fashion line is suing the retail outlet Forever 21 for trademark infringement, claiming they stole designs from the Harajuku Lovers line.

Gwen's people say that "Forever 21 is marketing, promoting and selling products featuring a design virtually indistinguishable from Harajuku's signature heart/box logo."

The lawsuit claims Forever 21 changed a couple of words in the Heart/Box Trademark-
"Harajuku" to "Forever" and the word "Lovers" to "Love."

Access Hollywood

Feel the fab

Jessica Alba in Paris

I don't need no Eddie!

Spice Girl Melanie B is getting ready to marry film producer Stephen Belafonte. They have been dating since last year.

She said, "He's the love of my life and I am going to marry him. Stephen's been a godsend. Eddie hasn't been in touch once since I had the baby, it's unbelievable. But Stephen has been a tower of strength." You think Murphy is happy?