Monday, April 30, 2007

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Latest on The View

Gwen Stefani does LA

Dr. Phil on Alec Baldwin

Kate Bosworth in Hawaii

Lohan's latest

Spice Girl and her raisins

Tracy Morgan gets his new ankle bracelet

Best friends forever

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore at Coachella

Photo: Celebrity Dirty Laundry

No Big Brother for Mills

Heather Mills has reportedly turned down an offer to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

Her rep said, "It is true that Heather has been approached by the producers of several reality TV shows, but she has declined on every occasion and will not be appearing on any such program."

"She took part in Dancing With The Stars to raise money for one of the charities she supports, but it was a one-off and there are no plans to do any others in the future."

I'm Faye Dunaway biatch!

The Enquirer says that Faye Dunaway recently went amuck at a Banana Republic store in Beverly Hills.

A lurker told the Enquirer, "Faye picked out some clothes then asked if she could open up a credit card with the store." After filling out the form, she was given the minus. "The employee told her that her card was denied."

She grabbed the phone from the employee yelling, "Don't they know who I am? I'm Faye Dunaway! She started hollering into the phone over and over: 'Don't you know who I am?"

Faye reportedly complained to the manager that she was refused a credit card. The manager tried to explain the store had nothing to do with the decision- but Faye cut him off again asking, "Don't you know who I am?" Wince. Stop it.

The manager "looked dumbfounded" as Faye yelled, "I'm Faye Dunaway!" He said, "I'm sorry. I can't help you." She allegedly stormed out after throwing her selected items onto the floor.

National Enquirer

Middleton...doing fine

Us Weekly reports Middleton partied away with friends at a London club earlier this month. Kate's friends were saying, "Kate, do your Zoolander!"... While taking pics of each other.

Middleton danced while "lots of guys gave her the eye." A source said that Kate spoke only briefly with one of William's buddies before leaving at 2:30 a.m.

Meanwhile, William spent his first couple of weeks away at military training camp as "a single guy drinking with pals and playing pool." A source told Us that William has called Kate a few times....


Honeydew time

More at Just Jared

Yes...I want to make you cry

Boy George has been arrested on "suspicion of assault and false imprisonment charges." George has been accused of kidnapping male escort Auden Carlsen, and chaining him to the wall of his London flat on Saturday.

Carlsen claims he was hired by Boy George to pose for photos at his apartment. Pfft. He says, "George said he was popping out for milk at 5 am. I heard him come back and I walked into his bedroom wearing just my T-shirt. I was jumped on by George and another man. George handcuffed me to a hook by the bed as they held me down."

Carlsen managed to free himself by pulling the hooks from the wall and alerted the police. He said, "It's ironic that his biggest hit was 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me' - because I'm sure he did want to hurt me. I was convinced I was going to die." Nooo he didn't!

Just another manic Monday

I know at least half of you are wearing this outfit to work today...Britney around Hollywood

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Doing the festival....

Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Connolly, and Lukas Haas at the 6th Annual Tribeca Film Festival

Petra and Olga Nemcova

Farrell's new girlfriend

Colin Farrell enjoyed his new love while on break between movie projects. He is dating a "mystery" girl named Emilia (above) Is it Emilia Attias? Not sure. The couple was spotted on Italy's Amalfi Coast earlier this month. A witness told In Touch, "They were very affectionate. They were hugging and kissing on a six-hour boat ride." Cool for them, the source said that Colin was able to enjoy his girl with anonymity most of the vacation.

TMZ/In Touch

Crazy lady tries to kill Jesse James!

A nutty woman tried to kill Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, outside their California home last Sunday.

Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said, "At around 10:40 a.m. James found the suspect, Marcia Valentine, lying on their driveway. He told her to leave, but instead she got into her 2004 silver Mercedes and tried to run him over three to four times....Valentine tried to kill him." What on earth?

Sandra and James's 10-year-old son, Jesse Jr., watched the whole attack. Bless their hearts!

"Both Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are fine and it is now in the hands of the authorities," Bullock's rep said.

After the attack, Valentine fled the scene. However, the following day- an officer recognized her car and arrested her for assault with a deadly weapon. She has since posted $25,000 bail, and is due in court on May 22. Valentine has actually stalked Sandra in the past. Jesse is obviously standing in this woman's way. Creepy.


Thursday, April 26, 2007


Justin's new waxiness at Madame Tussauds in London

Photo: I'm Not Obsessed

Have some Gab

Ridin dirty

Celeb baby pics

Courteney Cox vs. Fergie...Nelly. I meant Nelly vs. Fergie.

Will Brit spill it?

Eve busted for DUI

Say it isn't so!

ANTM re-cap

Lohan in Allure

Drew named most her

Celebs courtside

Check out the first episode of "HPC" on VSPOT

Hugh Grant arrested for baked bean attack

Hugh Grant was arrested and questioned by London police Tuesday, after a photog accused the actor of attacking him with a tub of baked beans.

Photographer Ian Whittaker told the Daily Star that he and Grant had a scuffle close to Hugh's house. Whittaker said Grant "abused and kicked him" on Tuesday before attacking with the beans. The paper shows pics of Grant with a tub of food raised over his head.

Whittaker claims, "I said: 'Give us a smile please', and he just looked really angry. I walked backwards and he walked after me. He was effing and blinding at me and then he just started kicking me."

Grant's lawyers said an incident had taken place and was now under investigation.

Reuters/TMZ/ Photo INF

Travolta scares little old ladies

John Travolta has ticked off residents of Owl's Head, Maine - because of his noisy Gulfstream jet.

Travolta regularly uses Knox County Regional Airport because it's close to a home he owns - and locals are upset he doesn't abide by rules to cut down on noise pollution. Residents claim the boisterous jet scares the hell out of people everytime he flies over.

Airport manager Jeff Northgraves told The Enquirer that there is a voluntary flight curfew, "Pilots have abided by that with one exception - Travolta. He has the loudest aircraft that we see here."

Northgraves reveals he receives complaint letters from locals whenever Travolta uses his airport - and he even wrote Travolta, asking him to be more considerate. He said, "The area has a lot of little old ladies and retired people." Awwww. Bad John.

The Enquirer

Look out...mighty mite coming through

Nicole Richie in Hollywood

Pics: Superior

Baldwin on The View Friday

Alec Baldwin has already taped an appearance on The View that will air tomorrow.

"Obviously calling your child a pig or anything else is improper and inappropriate and I apologize to my daughter for that," Baldwin said.

"There's nothing wrong with being frustrated or angry about the situation," he said. "It's the way you do it, and as people often do in this world, I took it out on the wrong person."

Baldwin said that he has asked NBC to release him from his contract for 30 Rock because he doesn't want the show or its cast and crew to be negatively affected by him.

"If I never acted again I couldn't care less," he told the audience. "I would like to devote myself to the cause of parental alienation," which is a subject Baldwin says he's writing a book about.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gab on a Tuesday

Kirsten & Bryce get happy in JANE

Lohan drops a notch

Kylie is on fire!

Sanjayuhhh does the Top 10

Suri Cruise gets to party

They tried to make me shower...

He did not deserve her

Rosie O. Getting. Old.

Need to throw away $2 million?

Bitch like Beckham

Tabloid star Victoria Beckham has reportedly sickened the staff on her reality show with her "rude attitude and arrogant behavior."

A "show insider" told Britain's Star magazine, "We think she's full of herself and not very nice. She's very picky, demanding and rude. And she was mean to the assistants, too."

"She waltzes around with her icy attitude. People will walk up to her and say, 'Welcome to America', or, 'Good luck with the move', and she doesn't even stop to talk to them."

"The show is designed to make her a star in the States, but she's dreaming if she thinks that's going to happen. She's coming off as a grade-A bitch!"

They say the series is tiresome and won't make it. Shocker. The source said, "No one knows what to do with her to make the show interesting - she's so boring! Every suggestion the producers make, she rejects." Next!

Gassy Brit

Monday, April 23, 2007

Entourage talk

"I hang out with some guys in New York. We roll six men deep, wear leather jackets and look tough. Then we take the jackets off and go home to our families in the suburbs."

Kevin Dillon

Bangin Beyonce

Beyonce in Sydney

Photo: Gossip Rocks

Hey ya'll!

Jessica Simpson and her mam's hit Hollywood

Photo: Superior Pics

Chevy Chase lived in fear

Funny, happy guy Chevy Chase spills some dark secrets from his childhood in his book titled "I'm Chevy Chase ... And You're Not."

Chase says that when he was just a kid, panic attacks would cause his mother to lock him in the closet for hours on end. She would also "abruptly wake him up in the middle of the night just to slap him continually and hard, across the face- for no reason at all."

Chevy says his mom also used to whip him. "She would say to me, 'Ten lashes on the backs of your legs every day for a week at 5 p.m.' How can you hold on to that kind of anger against your kid?" Chase says in the book.

Chase's half-brother John confirms the sadness, "My mother, at her worst, was like an unleashed animal. It was at her hands, in her feral states, that Chevy suffered the darkest of his secret torments."

Chase, now 63, says, "You would think a grown man could shake it off, as the coffin was being lowered, to say, 'I forgive you.' I don't forgive," he says.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Becks & Sons


Photo: Daily Stab

Zellweger has a new boy

In Touch says that Renee Zellweger and her co-star John Krasinski are quietly on the hook up. The two enjoy good times while off set of their current film Leatherheads.

A lurker told In Touch, "They have been constanly hanging out together. They are close and they get along great." They have been spotted grabbing coffee and going to the movies...serious!

In Touch

Umm, Alec Baldwin has MAJOR anger issues

TMZ reports Baldwin's latest phone call to his daughter Ireland. LISTEN here. His poor daughter, my God. She is only 11. But he doesn't know that.

Go to TMZ for updates... he apologized later. Sorry, damage done nutjob. She's a KID. Go to therapy dude.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A cup of Gab

Pretty ladies

In case you missed the hilarious Will Ferrell and evil Pearl

Later Sanjayuhhh

Blooming Buddha

Ummm, like...ew.

Snoop reallly likes his X-Box, uh uh yeah wikka wak. I'm beatboxing! Shut up. Next.


Heidi Klum and fam

Druggie gone wild

What's on MTV today?

The latest on Acceptable TV

VT Students are sick of killer's airtime

Virginia Tech students are reacting with "disgust, anger, shock and fear" over the multimedia package that student gunman Seung-Hui mailed to NBC.

NBC News said the pack contained photos, 27 videos and an 1,800-word diatribe. Anyway, Doctoral student Ken Stanton, 29, said he is really getting sick of the killer's airtime-- while many of the victims, like his friend Jeremy Herbstritt, remained anonymous.

"I'm sick of it," he said. It's like you can't get away from it -- every time I walk by a TV, there it is." Seriously. Enough of this dude's sick, non-human face.

Stanton said, "My focus now is getting on TV and taking time away from [Cho]," he said. "Every minute I can get on is one less minute he'll be on."

Read the full story

Help out at the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund

Memorial Website


Carmen Electra at a launch for the Hard Rock in Vegas

Photo: Celebrity Dirty Laundry

Lohan backs out of movie

According to Life & Style, Lindsay Lohan has pulled out of a starring role with Keira Knightley. The two were to appear in the film The Best Time Of Our Lives, but Lohan just couldn't work out a contract with producers.

Lohan was supposed to start filming this weekend. A source told the mag, "She didn't back out and producers didn't pull the deal, but there were changes that weren't to her liking, and that was that."

Lohan and Knightley were rumored to be part of a steamy threesome in the film. Sigh. Oh well. You can get Lohan's dirty on her HACKED MySpace page:
Lohan's MySpace

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Look out....Jessica and her jambalayas coming through

J Simpson in Hollywood

Pics: Superior

Dave Chappelle is the Energizer

Dave Chappelle has beat the Laugh Factory's "endurance record" by performing for six hours and seven minutes on Sunday.

"He was absolutely amazing, for six hours... making people laugh," the club's owner, Jamie Masada said.

Masada said the previous record was held by Dane Cook, who performed for three hours and 50 minutes earlier this month. But until then, the record had stood at two hours and 41 minutes- set by Richard Pryor back in 1980.

Access Hollywood

Larry Birkhead....Gay?!

The National Enquirer is reporting that Birkhead's "secret gay lover" has come forward about their "torrid, two-month sexual affair."

Kerrick Ross, a 38 year old male model, spills the details on Larry's alleged secret gay life.

"America doesn't know the whole story about Larry Birkhead," Kerrick said.

"He apparently had sex with Anna Nicole and fathered her baby, but there is no
question: He also had sex with me!"

The two met at a cocktail party in Louisville around mid-2000 when Birkhead was a struggling real estate agent and writer, angling for a show business career in Hollywood.

"We were together for about two months and had sex eight to 10 times, always at
my apartment. He often spent the whole night with me."

But Birkhead insisted on keeping their romance a secret. "I had been 'out' for a
long time, but Larry was not out of the closet and he was terrified about
his family, who were devout Southern Baptists, finding out he was having a gay
relationship," revealed Kerrick.

"He was especially afraid of his father finding out. He said, 'If my Dad knew
about this, he would kill me!'

Birkhead's lawyers deny that he had a gay relationship with Kerrick, but Kerrick
passed a rigorous polygraph test administered by a top-notch examiner.

And Kerrick says Larry didn't consider himself gay. "He was more comfortable
saying he was bi-sexual," Kerrick said. "I never knew him to go out
with women when we were together, but I found out after we broke up that he had
been seeing women. "While Kerrick says Birkhead was inexperienced at gay sex, he found out later that he'd stolen Larry from another man!

Pick up this week's issue of the Enquirer for exclusive details about Larry's other
relationship- and even eyewitness accounts of Kerrick's relationship
with Larry.

National Enquirer

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Change my trip up, Smack my hippie up.

Is Leo taking over for Brad?

Kiki Dunst thinks she's great.

Orlando in Details.

Trippin' in TV Land.

Simpson and her jugs go alone.

Painting the town brown.

J Lo & Marc want an apology...and some cash.

Save the seals!

Kate Moss' Topshop line: "working-class slag from a crap town." Hey-ohh!

Spicy hot Alessandra pics

What are you IN2???

Photo: Dlisted


Hot to Trot Jessica Biel visits The Late Show in NYC

Mateo and his new Penelope pup

Matthew McConaughey with his fresh 22 year old girlfriend- Brazilian model Camilla Alves.


While Tom's away...go to Target and play

Katie can breathe! She started working on her new film, Mad Money in Shreveport yesterday.

Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton also star in the comedy. "I'm pumped," Holmes said. "I loved it from the second I read it. I love interesting female characters, and this is full of them."

People reports that Katie hit the local Target and had a blast. "I met some really great people, and it was nice," she said. "They did recognize me, and it was a pleasure meeting them. We had nice chats about kids, and it was lovely." Indeed.

Katie better enjoy her five minutes of free time while she can, Tom just wrapped up his own film, Lions for Lambs... and he's making a mad dash for Louisiana...later Target!


Monday, April 16, 2007

Prayers for Virginia Tech

Tragedy on campus...Over 20 students/people killed.

Chris that!

"I bumped into a guy who used to give me hell back in school...I turned around and said, 'This is my wife, Gwyneth.'....That was pretty sweet."

Chris Martin of Coldplay
Via Us Magazine

Britney's like, totally deep message

Like, seriously.

Pambroil for about 20 minutes...

Pamela Anderson hits the beach

Photos: Gossip Rocks