Monday, August 18, 2008

What? Suri is spoiled? Nooo.

Star magazine says that little Suri Cruise is growing up a spoiled, Scientology princess. The mag claims that Suri is being raised "according to the strict rules of Tom and Katie's Scientology faith- and the word no is almost never used."

"Suri has no scheduled bedtime. Tom and Kate let her decide when." Suri's toddler closet consists of Dior, Burberry and BCBG. Typical for some celebs, and fun. However, it's not enough for Suri. She wears custom-made Christian Louboutin shoes....on the playground. "They either ask Suri what she wants to wear, or the nanny will go to the closet and stand there until Suri picks something," says Star's source. Katie brags that Suri already knows her own style and "has a great fashion sense." A 2-year-old. Choosing from a pile of $300 Dior dresses.

Get this...."She is never disciplined, so when she painted on the wall, Tom and Katie told her it was beautiful." What the hayelll? They say the couple typically treats the child like an adult. They think she is very advanced and they believe she's a "miracle." What is it with this miracle stuff? She's a 2-year-old toddler. "Look honey!! She's drawing on the walls, she's a prodigy! Look! She chose the Gucci instead of the Prada, oh my God she will be the next Donna Karen!" Wow. Can't WAIT to see how this one turns out.

Star/ PR Photos


Anonymous said...

Bullsnort! Why do I question that every member of Scientology has millions to spend on each of their children and let them rule over them?

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