Tuesday, August 31, 2010

peace love world

I must point out one of my FAVORITE stores (Left sidebar ad, middle)..... peace love world. Go visit the site and browse around, your cart will fill up fast! Adorable, comfy, fresh cute items from clothing to party goods. Go check it NOW before your copy cat friends/family/neighbors start wearing this cuteness and claim "they" found it! No, You found it! You trendsetter!

Personal rant follows: Don't know about you, but whenever I find cute stores, bakeries, clothing, perfume, new brands, hot sounds, new sayings, etc...I have little followers that come along and copy me. Which is flattering right? One of the reasons I started Gabsmash was to get the word out. Irritating? Almost ALWAYS these copy cats run around and tell my other friends/family, neighbors that it was THEIR find. Give cred people!

Starting this week, I will post my personal favorite, new/not so new finds and must haves on Gabsmash! My favorites passed on to you.  For example, I read about peace, love, world -just last year. They keep popping up and charming me more and more. Look, I drank Patron back in 1994. Try Don Julio next time. Keep checking Gabsmash for random websites and products that I enjoy, so you can enjoy them too. Tell people you read about it on Gabsmash, stay cool!