Monday, April 14, 2008

What's with the big secret?

Us reports newlyweds Beyonce and Jay Z were all shady in the front row of the Houston Rockets-Phoenix Suns game on Saturday. Beyonce kept her ring finger covered the whole time. Why not simply acknowledge the wedding and move on? Is it because Beyonce is pregnant? The Enquirer says the wedding was thrown together in a crazy rush because Beyonce is with child.

They say the wedding didn't go with Jay's usual "flamboyant style" and it was so low-key that some people were saying it was a hoax. Especially since their reps denied to even comment on the whole event.

"For a guy worth $580 million- who treats Beyonce to lavish cruises on private yachts and demands the best of everything- it wasn't so grand," a source said. A spy told the mag, "Beyonce found out she was expecting and told Jay Z they had to do something fast!"

Us/The Enquirer/ PR Photos

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