Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Need extra cash?

Part Time Couriers Required Now! Are you a Student, stay at home parent, or retired individual that needs extra money? How about a flexible schedule? Well, this is for you. SunStar Postal Service has an opening for a local Courier (Part-Time, All Shifts)

You will perform the delivery/pick-up of customer goods in a polite, effective and professional manner- for a monthly Salary of $1000. Want more information? Use this easy form.

SunStar Postal Service was started up in California back in 1996. They specialize in providing a wide variety of freight and logistics services internationally and worldwide. SunStar has transformed from a small office in Los Angeles to a multinational company with a large network in more than 15 countries!

SunStar provides services between Europe and the United States. Services include consolidation of suppliers, import of products by air and/or ocean, customs clearance of cargo, storage at the warehouse, delivery and distribution. Services are based on the activities that affect the flow of products, documentation and information. SunStar provides services to manufacturers and wholesale and retail companies that have an access to the specialized US market. SunStar accompanies the cargo at every delivery step – from the manufacturer to the client's door or distribution center.

Part-Time and Full-Time Field Manager Positions are also available. Earn extra income with a great job opportunity, that is also flexible. Contact SunStar today!


Anonymous said...

is this a scam?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Goods you never bought will arrive at your home, addressed to someone unknown to you, and you're to accept delivery and then forward said goods to a third party also unknown to you?

Does the phrase "receiving stolen property" have any resonance here?

When you accept delivery at your home address, will you sign your real name on the delivery receipt? Or will you sign the name of the addressee - as if you were the person whose credit card or bank information was stolen in order to buy the goods that are now being delivered to you, and which you must forward on to Latvia, Estonia & elsewhere on behalf of the OC group running the int'l theft ring?

By the way, "OC" doesn't mean Orange County, it means "Organized Crime".