Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Survivor 18

Details are out on the cast of Survivor 18: Tocantins – the Brazilian Highlands. Contestants include a Grammy nominated singer, a cowboy, the Bare Naked millionaire, a tattooed grandma and an extreme kayaker who rowed 6,132 miles solo. TV Guide magazine caught up with the cast as they shared their strategies.

Brendan Synnott: the 30-year-old Bare Naked granola millionaire from NYC. "I think it's healthy to have everything taken away from you and then have to rebuild…that's good character building."

Spencer Duhm: one of the youngest players ever on Survivor. He has been studying Survivor since the age of 11 and trusts no one. "You have to assume they are going to screw you."

Taj Johnson-George: a Grammy nominated member of the R&B group SWV from the 90s. Married to former Tennessee Titan Eddie George, Taj plans to "tear 'em up when I get out there."

Benjamin Wade: an extreme kayaker who rowed 6,132 miles solo. "I'm in this game because I want to change it. It's become survival of the weakest. I want the strongest to survive….may the best man or woman win."

Check out the whole cast here. Survivor: Tocantins premieres on February 12, from 8pm ET, on CBS.

TV Guide