Monday, September 13, 2010

Gaga wears a filet mignon to the VMA's

Gaga made her expected sweep at the VMA's last night, this is one of her many outfits. The "dress" above is made out of meat. Yes, meat. I'm over the shock, it's getting old. I think she should walk down the carpet completely naked to her next event. That's pretty much all she has left. I wonder how PETA feels about this one?? She passed the fur and went straight for blood. What did it smell like sitting next to her? I know! Raw meat.

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Charaze said...

I admire Gaga for her reason why she wore that meat dress. Some people may say that she's totally weird and out of her mind when she wore that to the VMAs but the reason behind it is what counts.

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Tablet PCs said...

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