Friday, February 03, 2006


Mariah Carey looking a bit self conscious- if so, why go so micro on the suit?


Anonymous said...

Sigh. Why won't she buy/wear clothes that actually FIT? Granted, I'd rather look like Mariah that Nicole Richie- but why can't she dress in a more flattering fashion?

Anonymous said...

My whole theory on Mariah is, she isn't fat, she just needs to go up a size on everything she wears, I think she is dilusional as to the size she actually is. On this months Marie Claire she has on a dress that is being offered in a contest and it's a size 6. I know she aint a 6 maybe an 8!!!

Mike V. said...

I like it.
But, then again, I will have to admit to digging on her in general.
I can't help it, and I'm sorry.. :)

Anonymous said...

She looks like a gorgeous size 10. Love the hourglass figures!