Monday, December 29, 2008

Romo passes out from embarrassment

According to ESPN, Tony Romo collapsed in the shower after the Cowboys horrible loss against Philly yesterday. The Eagles won 44 to 6, the Cowboys biggest blowout ever. Romo suffered a painful rib injury in the second half, which supposedly made him fall.

Sources say a stretcher was brought in, but red-faced Romo walked out on his own. He even participated in a news conference shortly after, but had to be helped to the podium. Romo seemed to have difficulty breathing after the fall, and he had to be helped off the stage after talking to the media.

When Romo was asked later what happened, he replied, "Um, you know, I was just a little banged up, I guess." Terrell Owens called the game an "old-fashioned butt whipping." Nail on the head.

ESPN/PR Photos