Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Will the ball be blue?

Page Six says P Diddy Combs offered the city of New York one million dollars if they would allow him to redesign the ball.

His design would promote Comb's Ciroc vodka. They say he would use the blue stone emblem that the vodka is known for. Diddy wanted Mayor Bloomberg to use the $1 million towards city improvement. "You can take this $1 million and help open up some parks ... in Harlem or Queens or Brooklyn. Or you can get it to buy some computers for the public schools or whatever we can use this money for to help people," Diddy said in his vlog. Word is the city turned him down...

Diddy also teamed up with and E! to make sure people don't get behind the wheel after slamming the drinks- They are offering $10 debit cards for taxi rides on New Year's eve. Very thoughtful.

PR Photos/The Boombox