Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Halle Berry...jewel thief!

Word is Halle Berry has signed on to play a diamond thief in Who Is Doris Payne. The flick is based on a true story about a woman who committed international diamond robberies for over five decades. Payne hit spots from Tiffany's of New York to Cartier of Monte Carlo.

"She never carried a weapon and relied on her smooth talk to rob high-end stores. She would go into a store, chat to staff before asking to see a ring. When the jewelery was handed over to her, she would simply walk out of the store wearing it." Easy breezy! Payne was arrested in 2005 and served a two-year sentence that finally ended her fancy crime spree. Doris Payne is alive and well at the age of 77. "I had lots of fun," Payne said. "I did."

The movie will be produced by Justin Berfield and Jason Felts from a script penned by Euenetta Boone.

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