Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lily Allen is scared of flapping pigeons

Lily Allen admits, "I Google myself about ten times a day and that's the truth." Damn girl. So that's how she keeps up with all of the tabloid reports. "They bother me if they're inaccurate in which case I sue...In which case it doesn't bother me because I make money out of it!" So they bother her, but they don't bother her. Whatever Google junkie.

Allen's single "The Fear" is at the top of the UK charts right now. What are Allen's fears? "Probably dying alone...and pigeons maybe...I just don't like when you walk near them and they fly towards you..and they flap their wings fast."

What's next on her agenda? "I guess get married and have children. That's probably on my list to do before I die." Oh, and she wouldn't mind getting naked, "I'm just very comfortable in my body. I wouldn't do it in a 'Hey-Look-At-My-Boobs kind of way." Maybe just in a hey-look-at-me-I'm-a-slut kind of way?

Extra's full interview with Lily Allen airs tonight....

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Anonymous said...

Mostly she is afraid that we will figure out that the talents of of a good good singer has been wasted on her immature, nasty-crude nature.

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