Monday, March 31, 2008

"Heath terrified me"

Michael Caine says that Heath Ledger scared the hell out of him while filming the new Batman flick The Dark Knight. Caine was frightened and forgot his lines when they came face to face for a scene. Michael plays a butler in the film.

Caine said, "You think Jack Nicholson in the role and you can't imagine anyone topping him. Heath's just as good in another direction. He's terrifying. "The first time I saw him, we were rehearsing. He comes up in the elevator to me in Batman's flat and raids the place. "And I hadn't seen him, I'd never met him and he comes out screaming and it's like 'wow'. I completely forgot my lines. Scary. It will frighten the life out of people."

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oakling said...

that sounds kind of awesome. I've never found the Joker all that scary, but I guess Heath tapped into his terrifying core.

Anonymous said...

It does sound awesome, I can't wait.