Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I pity the poor fool

Sleazy pap Adnan Ghalib is back with Britney, according to his secret waitress girlfriend Amanda Pagel. Amanda spilled some details to Look magazine about what went down with poor Brit.

Amanda says Adnan would have sex with her, then get up and run straight to Britney because he "pitied" her. How sweet is that?

In the interview Amanda said, "I'd just split up with my boyfriend, but I was lonely and wanted to make new friends." After meeting through mutual pals, she fell for Adnan. He promised Amanda his relationship with Britney was not sexual and kept reminding Amanda of what a hard time he was having. Didn't he pull that same jive with his wife?

"We started texting 40-50 times a day, just jokes to start off with, then flirty messages. I'd text "can't wait to see you" and he'd reply pretty much the same thing. We saw each other pretty much every day." She calls Adnan a "fantastic kisser" and "really smooth". Pshh. Adnan always visited Amanda at home, they never went out in public so as not to "betray" Britney.

"He kept saying: As soon as she's better and back on her own two feet doing her own thing, we can go public. And he told me he 'pitied' her and felt really sorry for her. She'd been through a lot and he used to say he was the only one that she trusted."

Adnan also told Amanda that they should "run away together, and start a new life in Italy, where they could start a family."

She said that Britney sent Adnan "hundreds" of texts every day and called him non- stop. The keen waitress finally caught on after media reports revealed Britney found Amanda's text messages on Adnan's iPhone.

Amanda claims, "I know he'll go mad when he reads this, but I want people to know I didn't steal Britney's boyfriend. I'd tell Britney to be careful who she trusts. I just hope she doesn't get hurt like I did." Too late...

Via Daily Mail

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