Thursday, June 16, 2005

Paris' future father-in-law says "ehh, okay"

Paris Hilton's future father-in-law, Gregory Kasidokotas told People mag: "Paris is absolutely happy. When I see him that happy, that makes me happy too. I have met her. She is a very pretty girl. Whatever she has said about my son, the fact that she wants to start a family and that she loves him. I strongly believe what she says."

Pfffft. Gregory you silly, silly man. He also said, "The only problem we have is that Paris is 22. It would be better to think about it seriously before he starts a family, because having a family is a very serious matter, especially in Greece. Our advice to him is always the same: 'Whatever you do, you have to be careful and cautious.'"

In other words, don't get her knocked up during the four months you are married/divorced and screw with the family prosperity.


karen said...

Both with the same name...waaaaay too confusing for me.

shrimpfriedrice said...

How are you being "careful and cautious" if you are having sex with her in the first place???