Monday, October 24, 2005

Listen up

Cameron Diaz surprised a class last week at Stanford University when she helped lead a lecture on environmentally friendly design.

Diaz’s appearance came as part of taping for an mtvU program called “Stand-In” in which celebrities teach a class. On Tuesday, Madonna lectured students at New York’s Hunter College.

A champion of environmental causes, Diaz served as a partner for friend and renowned environmental architect William McDonough, a consulting professor at Stanford.

Photo: AP


Anonymous said...

Wow Cam sure has been friendly lately

Kat in da Hat said...

If she showed up in one of my "classes", I would demand a tuition refund.

Brah said...

Michael Crition debunked Celebs such as Cameron Diaz as phonys when it comes to the Enviroment, he called them nothing more then a joke because they really don`t know anything..