Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I hate all of you! I hate it here! Die!

Elton John is an angry goat stuck in Cannesland. Saturday Elton presented canadian actor Kevin Zegers with the Chopard Trophy. Zegers was in "Transamerica."

"He (Zegers) is only 21 years old, already he showed incredible talent and maturity," Elton said. "I sincerely believe he will be a huge star and a great actor for many, many years to come."

Then, as photogs called out during his address, he said, "If you saw 'Transamerica' ... I'm talking ... you fu!kwit, fu!king photographers you should be shot, you should be all shot. Thank you." Hysterical.

After handing the award to Zegers he said, "They are a nightmare."

Apparently at cocktail hour before the event he was ranting about his dislike of Cannes. "It's day of the locusts. It's everybody you don't want to see," he said. "If I was to choose ten places not to be on the planet, this would be one of them." Then why?

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