Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Look out K Fed, Brit wants a rap off

Former Destiny's Child producer Jonathan "JR" Rotem is working on Britney's new album- and a whole "new" Britney.

"She's been a mother and she'll still be doing that, but she's very much into her music," explains JR. "She literally can't go anywhere without her privacy being invaded. Everybody is trying to get information. So the record we wrote, it addresses the 'who do you trust' kind of thing. Not rap rap, but talk rap. It's definitely Britney, but the next level. With songs like Toxic she was very innovative, and we're trying to top it. Push it to the next thing."

"The album wouldn't come out in a while anyhow, since it's at the very beginning," adds JR. "When it comes time to promote the album, she'll be in a different headspace where that's going to be the main thing. But right now, she's happy juggling music and motherhood."

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