Monday, May 22, 2006

Madonna runs out of material

Pun intended. Madonna started off her freakshow tour on Sunday in Los Angeles. How did the concert go? She hanged herself on a cross, dressed in S&M gear and screened images of President Bush juxtaposed with Adolf Hitler. Her Kabbalah guru was so proud! He was in the audience with her happy fans.

Madonna made her entrance from the ceiling in a giant disco ball. Outfitted in dominatrix-like riding gear, she sang her new song "Future Lovers" accompanied by shirtless male dancers with ball gags in their mouths.

During "Live to Tell," she wore a crown of thorns and hung from a giant mirrored cross as video screens showed scenes of third-world poverty.



Buddha Bong said...

So when she moved her hands, did like 12 clowns come out?

neal gardner said...

The first 8 rows were treated for trauma.

All the neighborhood cats gathered outside the arena.

Shortly after the show, AARP called Mandonna to tell her she gives the elderly a bad name.

Buddha Bong said...

High five to Neal...and stuff...

gabsmash said...

cats and clowns!?

yea, big high five to neal and STUFF

Bob Somers said...

Back to the Paris years, Madonna?