Monday, February 25, 2008

Carmen update

After the mouth rumors, Carmen Electra's rep says that she did indeed have her lip tattooed. Carm wanted a tribute to her mother Patricia, who passed in 1998. LA tattoo artist Mark Mahoney inked her mother's initials inside Carmen's lower lip.

What else? Carmen is all out and happy with her new man Korn guitarist Rob Patterson. They were skipping all over Berlin together earlier this month, while Rob was on tour with the band.

"Carmen had been very careful about letting people see them together. But now she doesn't care if people know because she knows the relationship is real." Wedding time.


shrimpfriedrice said...

Her mother would be so proud. They do that with race horses don't they?

gabsmash said...

HAAAAA. you are bad.

Anonymous said...

Kinda needs to hang it up, settle down. I see her future and it looks like Pam Anderson. Not a pretty sight.

Taylor Blue said...

I can't even imagine how much that would hurt!!!