Friday, February 22, 2008


Check out this new, hilarious video sharing community! CashTomato is giving away free money and tomatoes! was founded by a "wealthy mystery benefactor," who made his fortune in real estate. The secret money maker wants to give away free money! That's right dog, FREE money. is ready to give away CASH to their members and have loads of fun. Cash = Good times! Every registered user can win prizes on this exciting new video web site. gives out thousands of dollars in cash and prizes every, single week! Dude.

Keep your eyes peeled, because will be visiting San Francisco, New York, Vancouver and other cities handing out tomatoes with real cash attached. Sign up now to win! Grab that tomato!


Anonymous said...

That is the worst wwebsite. the videos suck... high schoolish... but if it really is a rich guy handing out money, then i guess we should all make videos!

Anonymous said...

The website has been taken down. Where's my money????

Suzanne said...

The site hasn't been taken down, if your registered your cash should be on the way...any problems email