Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Paris hates her body

The narcissist hates her body? Is that why she flashes her goods all the time? Paris told Smash Hits mag, "Oh my God! I had a panic attack when we started shooting 'House Of Wax'. I had to undress for one scene. I was like, 'I don't like my body."

Last week she was at a launch party in London when she shocked everyone. Paris did an impromptu performance of her song 'Scream' for everyone.

A guest said, "She was meant to be promoting her perfume but she wanted to promote her single at the same time.The dance floor cleared and she went wild on stage. She was in her own little world".


Toad734 said...

Was this before or after she gave one of those 2 hour blow jobs?

Michael Paul said...

'I don't like my body."

Nothing is good enough for the "High and Mighty". She can always afford some body modification. Speaking of body mods check out

Some of these body mods are insane in my book and I like piercing.

AllyCat said...

Why does she always have to showcase her crotch????