Wednesday, June 15, 2005

50 cent digs Lindsay Lohan

What?! Contact music said that 50 cent watched "Mean Girls" and ran to his phone trying to get Lohan's number. He called her agent to ask about her.

Lohan said, "Black guys love me - Damon Dash, P Diddy. 50 called my agent for my number. He said he was watching Mean Girls and loved it. I was freaking out! The first thing I thought was, 'Where's Eminem?' I'm in love with him!"

Lohan & Eminem..twisted visual of the day


carrie said...

they're perfect for one another

ThisShizz said...

Ooh...three black guys..that's jus like THE WHOLE BLACK COMMUNITY right ther!!

I bet 50 odd white guys fancy her bu she don't go round sayin "white guys love me."

They only wanted her for a one night stand and to raise their celebrity love life status..

What a load of bull...that girl does my head in now