Friday, August 19, 2005

Dump your pet, your man.... get a Rolls

Hilton went to the Teen Choice party at Cabana Club and seemed "quiet." She was dogless, reportedly because Tinkerbell was getting too heavy to carry. And she was without her boy clone, Paris II.

She has been working on her album that was supposed to be released more than a year ago. Spending lots of time alone, an insider said that Paris told Latsis that she didn't have fun with him abroad. That's funny, she looked like she was having a pretty good time in all the pictures from that year long vacation.

The insider said Latsis got upset and they fought a lot and Paris is telling friends "I don't think it's going to work."


Mike V. said...

vacation from what????!

neal gardner said...

her boyfriend was getting too heavy to carry and tinkerbell is secretly working on her new album.

paris and twinkies have a lot in common. They're both blonde, everyone's seen their creamy insides, and even when people get sick from having too much, they'll always be there... waiting, knowing someone, somewhere will get a craving for an unhealthy treat.

jan said...

Vacationing from clubbing in the US. The only way to get over the stress of that is by clubbing in Europe. Duh.