Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jessica offers Britney

Jessica Simpson is telling Britney Spears to ditch her reality TV show. "Chaotic", the account of Kevin and Britney's early relationship, hasn't exactly set the ratings and Jessica is urging Britney not to consider any further shows.

"Only do one season," suggests the reality TV queen. "We were locked in. We thought it was a six-episode documentary, but it ended up being two years."


MizRo said...

Queen of the Damned: look at her flat, soul-less eyes!

shoes said...

shes only saying that because shes locked into another year and cant get out of her loveless marriage. the divorce papers are signed already and they are just waiting for the last season to end

Bag Lady said...

If it wan't for her show, she'll probably wouldn't be so famous now

Vermont Neighbor said...

Look at the times we live in. Jessica Simpson as a star. Is she a superstar? She's probably a nice girl but my god. What happened to charisma and sex appeal and beauty. Even a plain look with a quirky personality would be an improvement.

Please dear god, give us some real celebrities who sparkle and shine.

And yes! to the comment from mizro about flat, soul-less eyes.