Monday, August 29, 2005

MTV 2005 Video Awards

Gwen Stefani

Orlando Bloom & Kirsten Dunst

Nicky & Paris Hilton

Carmen Electra



Eva Longoria

Jessica Alba

Nick & Jessica..eeek


Hillary Duff

Jay Z

Ricky Martin

Lil' Kim

Kelly Clarkson


shrimpfriedrice said...

Lil sweaty Kim . . . nice tape on the ring!


gabsmash said...

pfffft. she does have TAPE on her ring instead of her nips. amazing.

yeah yeah boyyy. what the hell kind of GD outfit is that?!!

AllyCat said...

What's up with Electra's boob? It looks awful.... like there is a dent in it or something.

Desiree said...

Yeah, looks like Electras boobs are aging with her...sad.

Why are all these young stars losing so much damn weight? Hilary Duff looks gross now too! Geez!

Becky said...

Duff is a Kidman wannabee, and lil Kim looks less of a Gremlin than usual!

Mike V. said...

Jessica Alba is the only one in these pictures that looks good.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me out and tell me who designer made the dress Lala wore on the white carpet at the vmas. I am urgently looking for the name of the designer or at least how you call those types of dresses that she wore. If you guys know about fashion and maybe havent seen it. You can find it at and browse through the entertainment vma picks. would be so helpful. you can email me

Kirsty said...

i personally think they all look amazing
alot better then most of you ever could..theres not used judging them.. and how picky are you lot.. theres nothing wrong with electra's boob ffs!