Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nicole got sheisted

Nicole Richie is reportedly inconsolable following her break up from fiancé Adam Goldstein. Friends who know the couple say it was Adam who was responsible for the split because "it was just something that he knew he had to do".

However, it appears Nicole was the last one to know. The pair were apparently "still making plans together for trips and business ventures. It really did come right out of left field for Nicole."

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Stacee said...

Lonely Christmas, poor skinny ass thing.

neal gardner said...

when adam and i were recently at the mondrian and buried nose-deep in a bunch of high-end escorts' tits, snorting piles of cocaine from their cleavage, i (briefly) thought, "Hey, aren't adam and nicole getting married soon?" later that night, when i woke up from a drug-addled daze, i saw adam having sex with two mexican men and a donkey, i thought "Maybe I should tell nicole about this." After dragging adam from the kiddie pool filled with chocolate pudding, dirty heroin syringes and dead puppies, i thought, "Nicole really might want to know about this." I thought about this for a bit and realized that it would be best if i didn't say anything at all; i wouldn't want to get in the middle of it.

~Shell~ said...

I think the smog of LA is clouding Neal's judgment.... everyone know's 3 mexcuns are way more fun than just 2. sheesh.