Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Spielberg vs. Kathy Griffin

Steven Spielberg wants Griffin to apologize for joking that 10-year-old Dakota Fanning had been "admitted to rehab." Griffin made the joke at last year's Golden Globe Awards.

Griffin said, "I think Steven Spielberg has a lot of nerve. I don't care how big you are, you will not trample on my, or anyone else's, First Amendment rights. That makes me furious."

"I get a call from the lawyers, and they're, like, 'DreamWorks is furious about the whole Dakota Fanning thing, and they're livid, and Spielberg is personally furious, and DreamWorks is putting you on a list, and they demand an apology.'"

Kathy said, "As if War of the Worlds didn't have bigger fish to fry. With Tom Cruise losing his mind on The Oprah Winfrey Show and the Today show and everything else, they're all worried about my Fanning joke, right?"

A spokesman for Spielberg told PageSix, "I think it was made very obvious that people were very upset and they were looking for some sort of an apology. It was a very upsetting thing for a young child and her family. Obviously, to Kathy Griffin it was a joke, but why make a joke out of Fanning? She's a terrific young lady who was there with her family, and it was very upsetting."



neal gardner said...

Kathy Griffin better watch out.

If Spielberg gets mad, he will CGI her to look like an alien.

Anonymous said...

i dont care if he is talented or not Spielberg is an asshole!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean 'make her look more like an alien'?

I'm not crazy about Spielberg's attitude here, but I do think that kids should be off limits to that kind of public humiliation. Also: This Griffin woman is just not funny. Icky too.

Mike V. said...

It was a joke.
She need not appologize.
Screw Spielberg.