Friday, May 05, 2006


"Hold on a sec, I just got a text message from a guy named 'The Photographer Hiding Behind The Tree & About To Take A Picture Of You Smoking Weed'..." Neal

"Scared of getting the munchies and actually eating, Nicole passes on the pipe and looks up at pictures of starving Ethiopians for inspiration." Kat in da hat

"Dude, hold it in as long as you can....I swear it will make your hair start to grow back." Gabs

"Oh! Look! Poindexters texting...he wants his glasses back." Swank

"Why don't you just hit this...think you finally will get your appetite back-well for at least a few minutes?" MK at Popbytes

"Oh, yeah, Coachella was SO fun. We had this picnic and stuffed ourselves like FATASSES. I mean--seriously--we must've had, like, 5 hits each on the crackpipe. I'm sooo full." Idle

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