Friday, May 26, 2006

K Fed soon single and forgotten

Sources say Britney Spears has split from husband Kevin Federline, and her publicist is not denying it. Apparently Britney didn't want to get "hostile" and tried to make it work. Rumor is Spears has banished Federline to live in the basement of their California mansion. Pffft. She reportedly returned from New York this week to find the slug drinking and smoking weed in the house. Off to the basement!

Sources say Spears had hoped to save the marriage for the sake of their son Sean Preston and their unborn second child - due in October - but has lost patience. For the love of...just get it over with


Scooty Wayne said...

Oh thank God - maybe there was an intervention and it worked.

Marcia said...

We can only hope this is true!

neal gardner said...


"Us Magazine reported that it has obtained a draft of the prenuptial agreement that states if the couple divorce, Spears will pay Federline $300,000 a year for a period of time equal to half the length of their marriage. She will have no financial obligation to his two children by a previous relationship, and any gift valued at $10,000 or more will require a legal document stating who will own it if the couple split."

K-Fed will walk out of this with $300K but will have to give back all of Britney's presents. Out here, you can't even buy a 1BDRM condo for $300K. He'll blow all of the money on weed and strippers. nice!

tootrue said...

Even Brit couldn't turn the ho into a house wife. Let's quit pretending everybody knows he's a crackhead.I think that is probaly how he got her. Back to reality Brit!

markus said...

no matter how you slice it... trash is trash.