Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lo in London

Lohan hit London's Portobello Road for a quick shop at vintage boutique "One of a Kind" yesterday. Photogs and fans ogled her as she dropped thousands on four pairs of vintage shoes, four dresses, two handbags and some Dior sunglasses.

Next she went to Cipriani with her entourage for a barely there meal. "She likes her boys- she had about eight men with her already," a witness said. "None of them ate anything. Lindsay seemed really nice and she's very stylish. She kept talking about how she wished Nicky would join them- someone asked if she meant Nicky Hilton and she said, 'Oh no, we don't like the Hilton girls.'"


NaughtyVoyeur said...

Who DOES actually like the Hilton girls?? I love where I read that she was not allowed into that bar/after party where Orlando Bloom was hanging out. Bwahhahaha.

gabsmash said...

naughty v your laugh just made me laugh