Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Vibe kicks Aguilera to the curb

Bobby Brown will be on the cover of Vibe Magazine in October....instead of Christina Aguilera. She gave an interview and even did a photo shoot for the mag promoting her new album.

New owners took over the magazine and ditched Christina's piece. Wow, genius. "Relations between Vibe and Aguilera worsened when the magazine planned to put the sexy photos of the diva on its website but not in the print version."

Aguilera's manager says it's a breach of contract. Her rep said, "When there's a change at a magazine, you understand that there might be a new direction. But Christina is completely within the scope of the magazine - she is very relevant to Vibe's readers, and we would still like them to honor their commitment. We want them to give us back our cover!"

The magazine's new editor Danyel Smith told the New York Daily News, "I can't speak on the previous administration and what they did promise or didn't promise. But there was never an article to put anywhere. There was never a written piece. We had considered putting the photos online and then decided against it." Yeah. Good luck with all that.

Update: So that's the reason

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