Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Zhang happens

Zhang Ziyi wore the same "polka-dot dress that actress Xu Jinglei wore two months ago" while promoting her movie at The Venice Film Festival last week.

"Zhang Ziyi, who occasionally fumbles her wardrobe, wore the same outfit that Xu Jinglei wore at a press conference earlier. What a big strategic mistake," claims the Oriental Daily News.

Xu wore the Armani dress to a press conference in Hong Kong back in July to promote the upcoming Confession of Pain

"Zhang Ziyi wears Xu Jinglei's old dress!" said the headline. The paper also ran a photo of Zhang chatting with Zhou Xun (above left), a fellow actress from her new movie The Banquet, inserting dialogue that quotes Zhou as saying, "Poor you, wearing someone's old dress." Harsh!

1 comment:

neal gardner said...

That picture is hotter than a plate of General Tso's chicken.

Zhang Ziyi catches a lot of crap from the Chinese press because she is a mainlander, who are generally regarded as poor bumpkins .

I dunno. I'd like to be the white meat in a Zhang Ziyi/Bai Ling sangwich.