Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gab on it

Kate Wilson time

Borat did it!

Loser alert

Riding dirty

Lettuce cup

Get a room


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Kelly said...

How come I'm not believing the Owen and Kate rumor??

Borat breaking up Pam and Bob? Really? I HOPE that rumor is true. Seriously. How AWESOME would THAT be if that really was the reason?

Jessica's sex tape?
Again. Not a believer.

Brit and her lucy need to calm down, lose the extensions, and buy some undies to wear when they decide to go clubbin' in a micro mini.
YUCK! In those pics you can even see her c-section scar.
That is a HUGE Mommy no-no Brit. You don't show the public your birthing scars. It just isn't done.