Monday, November 27, 2006

What the Gab is going on?

Stop it.

Nose droop.

Ho Chi Brangelina.

What the?

Not possible.

Minus makeup.

Good for the kids.



Kelly said...

First of all.
Britney needs to freaking wear some panties. We all KNOW where her lucy has been and NONE of us want those germs coming at us. Not even over the computer.
Poor Ashley Simp.
Girlfriend needs to back away from the knife and stop when she is almost ahead.
There is NO.WAY. Jennifer A. is doing that stupid show. If she thinks the show is great, then she should watch it... Not ruin her career by being on it.
And last, but not least.
David Blaine bothers me.

Hawaiigirl said...

Who the heck is in the back sticking their middle finger up?