Thursday, November 09, 2006

Moakler moves on

Shanna Moakler tells Extra, "I am dating; I've met someone, and he's your average guy."

She also talks about her recent split with Travis Barker- and said their reality show damaged their relationship. "We wouldn't have had certain problems if we didn't have that reality TV show," Shanna said.

Moakler says of Travis and Paris Hilton, "For him to go with her was probably a very vindictive, spiteful thing to do." Shanna said that Paris had also gone out with her last ex, Oscar de la Hoya, after they split.

"For her to do it not once, but twice to me, was also, I think, in the poorest of taste," she said.

But that's obviously in the past. When asked if she would marry again she said, "I don't know. I believe in love and won't let any breakup or man make me afraid to love again. I won't."


shoes said...

i thought the last guy she was with was pretty average

Anonymous said...

the guy who would date this nut must be nuts himself! This thing is a gold digger with absolutely no talent. Buy a bra and give up your children so they can have a mom. 2 kids out of wedlock--loser. her new beau must be a golddigger because all she has is Oscar's and Travis's money. One loser to another. Whoever you are new beau, don't get herpes.