Monday, August 01, 2005

Celeb quote of the day

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"Britney Spears will give birth to octuplets- all of whom will get jobs before Kevin Federline."

Alec Baldwin


shoes said...

now thats funny............and true

neal gardner said...

Just like his mother gave birth to a pack of high-profile, washed-up Baldwins.

staci said...

Classic! Who knew Alec even knew or cared about Brit and Kevin!

Vermont Neighbor said...

I always say, Alec plays himself in almost every film! Check out Glengarry Glen Ross... fantastic movie.

He nailed the Brit-Kev union pretty well. And what does it say about the most basic level of respect one celeb provides another... when this guy comes up with a zinger like this! Britney is a target, and may never escape.