Thursday, December 08, 2005

DJ AM drops his lollipop

Nicole vs. Paris....again. Nicole Richie and DJ AM have called it quits! Their publicist said the breakup has been in the works for several days, but would not give any further details. However, Perez does:

"Adam was fed up with Nicole," said one source. "Her issues with her weight, I'm reluctant to say 'anorexia', caused her behavior to be very erratic and moody lately."

"A.M. has a residency in Vegas, where he goes to spin every weekend," said the other source. "And, when the cat's away, the mouse will play. Adam found out that Nicole was 'partying' when he was away, and he does not tolerate that."

Yahoo/Perez Hilton
thanks to shrimp!!


Angel said...

No way! That is a surprise!

walking point said...

i really thought these two would make it. how can i say that--look at hollywood

Kat in da Hat said...

Good scoop Gabs!

I'll bet she's OSS (on some sh!t) and Adam can't take it being that he's a former coke head.

Maybe now she and Paris can finally become the lesbian lovers they were meant to be!

Anonymous said...

What a shock! Really you cant marry a party girl if you want a nonpary wife.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell that is so funny, "his lollipop."