Friday, December 09, 2005

Eva is afraid of naked men

Eva Longoria almost didn't meet Tony Parker because she was "too shy to go into his locker room after a Spurs game." Eva was invited to meet the team after a game, but refused to go because she was afraid of seeing naked men. Cough.

She said, "When Desperate Housewives took off, my dad and I were invited to a game to meet the players. My dad went into the locker room and the staff said to me, 'You can go in too.'

"I was like 'No way!' I so didn't want to see anyone naked or in towels. But I went in, and I met Tony."

Eva said she "charmed" Parker by talking to him in his native tongue. "Well, he speaks French so I tried to talk to him in his own language, and then he asked my dad to dinner."


Anonymous said...

Whatever she is a slut!

Anonymous said...

But she is not afraid of skin cancer or so it would appear.

neal gardner said...

Whenver I talk to a woman in my native tongue, I usually get slapped in the face because they assume I said something innappropriate.

Eva... itsay on my acefay and iggleway.

~Shell~ said...

lmao @ neal... man you KILL me

jan said...

She was probably afraid that with her reputation, they would assume she was there for a gang bang.