Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Out bakin' donuts

Im gonna KEEP throwin down ya'll...yeeeehaw! K Federline partying like a bachelor in Las Vegas, now pass the primo

Photos: JJB


neal gardner said...

he is the posterboy for domestic abuse.

it's really terrible what britney does to him... had his car reposessed, cuts back his allowance, doesn't let him go over his one million dollar recording studio budgeet... it's just terrible.

Kelly said...

Poster boy for Father of the Year.
What an ass

Pookie said...

OH god when will she ditch him already? I'm so tired of seeing his sorry ass all over the place! He's such a loser!

TheIdleReceptionist said...


You know those chumps partying with him are only there because he's footing the bill with his "Kevin Spears" VISA Buxx Card.

That guy just annoys me!

Marcia said...

I might get a smidge of respect back (that's not the right phrase... I might idly hate her a little less...) for Brit Brit if she actually keeps up with this "dumping Kevin" thing. If she doesn't go through with it, I'll change from "Idly hating" to "actively hating."

K-Dog said...

Holla holla wooooof bitches!

K-Dog is droppin' dimes in da 702 and gettin' lettuce from da fiiiiiiiiine bitches all up in here!

don't be hatin' on da Fed or you'll be dead! Hollllllaaaaaa!!!! Y'all be hatin' me and I'm the victim!

Yo Brit, where's my new ride? Ohhh, dat's right... you had it repo'd! No love for yo K-Dog! An' yo Brit... where's K-Dog's a-llow-ance? Oh, dat's right... you closed mah checkin' account! What's up wit dat?!

Yo! Check out dis bangin' new rhyme... "Flowshizzle E-bizzle my nizzle jizzle wizzle tizzle brit-a-nee gimme more money so I can buy a new rizzle royce... holla!"

Yeah, you like it, bitches. Too bad you ain't nevvvah gonna hear it cuz britney won't gimme any more money to drop my new record. No love!!!

Dat's why I'm all up in da club wit da bitches and mah crew. Yeah, dat's right. You better feel sorry for da K-Dog... holllla!!!!