Thursday, December 29, 2005

Skating with celebs

Olympic medalist Scott Hamilton is hosting a new celeb circus show starting January 18. Six stars are paired with six professional ice skaters for competition.

We have Bruce Jenner, 56, gold medalist
Kristy Swanson, 35, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Todd Bridges, 40, from Diff'rent Strokes
Dave Coulier, 46, from Full House
Jillian Barberie, 39, Good Day
Deborah Gibson, 35, Broadway and old school pop singer

Gibson said, "The risk factor is high when you put people on ice, especially singers and actors." You think?

The crew trained for up to 5 hours a day for two weeks before and then during the 6-week competition. Apparently it wasn't enough. Barberie said, "I severely bruised my rib cage, and I couldn't breathe. I had to go to the hospital."

Brenner said, "My skate caught an edge, and I fell and smashed my head." Appealing.

Jillian added, "I think that once the viewers can see we can really skate, they're going to be pretty amazed. But let's face it, viewers are going to want to see falls- and they will!"


Kat in da Hat said...

I hate that girl from Good Day NY.

I'm glad she bruised her rib cage.

neal gardner said...

Jillian Barberie is 39 and I'm 12.

It's a good thing she didn't fall on her hip. Then we'd have to live without her for a few months as she recoups in the nursing home.

Anonymous said...


Marcia said...

I hate to admit that I know this, but wasn't Jillian Barbarie a really good ice skater back in the day? Isn't that how she got famous?

So isn't she NOT just a random celeb that they stuck ice skates on?

Sherry said...

Jillian Berberie gives me a bad rash. I can't STAND her.. I hope she falls on the ice A LOT.