Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Does Anna Nicole dye her baby's hair??

Larry Birkhead's attorney is saying that she believes that Anna Nicole Smith dyes her new baby's hair to make it look like Howard K. Stern is the baby's father.

Larry Birkhead allegedly saw the child with dark hair, attorney Debra Opri said.

"It's horrendous," Opri said. "We are calling our experts right now to see if dyeing an infant's hair is any way toxic or harmful to a child."

Smith's attorney said the allegations were ridiculous. Is it all causing Anna to break down? In Nassau, Smith was hospitalized with pneumonia at the same medical center where her son died "under mysterious circumstances" in September, a lawyer for Smith said Tuesday.

"She has a slight case of pneumonia," her attorney told The AP. "We've had a sudden change of weather here due to a cold snap."


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What she did? it`s awful! Using toxic element by children!

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