Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nicole Richie...PETA's worst

PETA has named Richie the world's worst-dressed celeb. "This pelt-wearing party girl is all animal skin and bones," says the group. "She's an incredible shrinking woman with the heart to match." Ouch.

Ashley Olsen made runner-up. "Wearing fur does add 20 pounds," PETA says, "but if Ashley wants to fill out her frame, we suggest using a fork instead."

Eva Longoria also made the list. They said, "You'd think she'd be more sympathetic to the plight of rabbits considering the way she screws around like one on Wisteria Lane."

Paris Hilton, who topped last year's worst, did not make the list this year because she stopped wearing furs after seeing a bloody PETA video about the fur industry.



Anonymous said...

Considering that PETA is nothing more than an attention-mongering whore of an organization, I can't give a piss in a bucket what they think.

If they were really concerned about the plight of all these animals, they would actually be doing something about it instead of hounding celebs who wear fur.

I'm a member of PETA all right: People Eating Tasty Animals.

Pass me a cheesebuger and get out of my way!

Anonymous said...

PETA Sucks! And...it is not like Nicole is actually eating animals so why do they have their panties in a bunch? For all those morons know, she is wearing faux fur.

Anonymous said...

PETA does not suck! Pointing out which celebrities wear furs is a way of putting a disgusting and inhumane act into the spotlight.

Unfortunately, celebrities are greatly admired in our society. They are the best people to point to to make a point.

Obviously, it had an effect on Paris, who no longer wears furs.

Maybe, instead of complaining about PETA you should check out one of the videos that show the inhumane bloody torture that these creatures go through so that dumb assses like Nicole Richie and Sharon Stone can wear fur.

Anonymous said...

PETA totally sucks, I'm afraid. Any human that's more concerned about stupid rodents than humans should be sold off for parts. Plus, I guess they don't realize the damage all their lame PVC and pleather clothing actually causes our environment (INCLUDING all the cute and fuzzy animals they claim to protect!). DISMISSED!

That said, I DO appreciate that they expend their energy against other attentionwhores.

Anonymous said...

maybe if PETA didn't automatically kill the animals they so-call "rescue" and take money to care for, people might not think they were such big fucking hypocrites.


and why do we need PETA to point out who wears fur? are you blind?

Anonymous said...

You guys are dicks. Whether or not you agree with PETA should have no baring on the fact that the fur industry is hideously iunhumane. I hope you are merely ignorant and not just viciously, scarily cold hearted.

'Hounding celebs' IS doing something, thicko - if people are made to realise how fur is farmed they may stop wearing it, eventually decreasing the demand for it.

And the person who thinks we should worry more about people? Compassion has no limits, it doesn't run out. If I wouldn't hurt a fly, I wouldn't hurt a person. My compassion doesn't get 'wasted', or runs out.

However if you are all cool with animals being torn up and skinned alive, then to be frank, I would happily push you off a cliff. Have nightmares about THAT instead, as you clearly only care about yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Right. Being so dismissive (or predictable with the acronyms) without doing any research first doesn't really make you seem very credible.

Maybe after you've seen dogs or cats skinned alive, as is frequently done in China to animals just like the ones you have at home, you'll change your minds about these superficial, self-absorbed, anorexic, corpse wearing Cruella DeVilles. Fur is often mislabeled. At least you know what animal was pumped full of hormones and antibiotics and tortured before you put a hamburger in your mouth. They don't even know what they're wearing, and don't care how much suffering has to take place for them to look rich. What a bunch of losers.

Go ahead, take a look:


Anonymous said...

Considering that most idiots whom complain about the fur industry have never actually seen a fur farm, I'll take what they say with a grain of salt. Having family who have raised chinchillas for fur, I know that most of the fur that is sold in high end stores do not come from places that are featured in those propaganda filled videos from PETA.

For one, animals such as mink and chinchilla cannot be skinned alive and have the fur remain intact. They have to have a relatively stressless death in order to insure that the pelt will remain whole. Anyone who's had a pet who had gone under stress knows that they start to shed almost immediately. It's five times more extreme with animals that are used most for fur.

PETA can be compared to the NAZIs, with their hypocrisy and their total disregard for humanity. Anything they say is worthless, and those whom subscribe to their vitriolic and damaging propaganda are themselves, worthless.

Anonymous said...

Wow - anonymous 5:45 - so just because your family "humanely" kills chinchillas for a living that makes you some sort of spokesperson for the entire fur industry? And gives you the right to deem those of us who care about the plight of animals "worthless". And we're the NAZIs here? Perhaps some of the fur that shows up in the high end boutiques is processed differently, but that ignores the HUGE and ridiculously inhumane fur industry in China. The European Union estimates that 2,000 cats and dogs are killed every day for their fur. That fur is going somewhere - most likely into the fur trim on your vest and boots.

And - anonymous 10:50AM - bringing attention to the issue is called "doing something about it". Duh!

Anonymous said...

"Relatively" painless death? Then I guess you woudn't mind having your asshole electrocuted too.

LuLu said...

"PETA can be compared to the NAZIs, with their hypocrisy and their total disregard for humanity. Anything they say is worthless, and those whom subscribe to their vitriolic and damaging propaganda are themselves, worthless."

Caring about the plight of animals is "disregard for animals" in your book? Go ahead and justify torturing other living beings by attacking those who care about it if it makes you feel better and allows you to sleep at night. Douchebag.

Anonymous said...

have any of you mouthy animal rights twits actually done any real research into what PETA does? what they really do?

i suspect you all buy their shit hook, line and sinker because you're too naive and gullible to do any of the leg work yourself. or just too lazy.

if you really knew, you would never vouch for PETA again.

there is nothing wrong with caring for animals, but standing behind the wrong cause is just as bad as standing for none at all.

oh, and btw, just because we in the western world have attached sentimentality to small, cuddly creatures, doesn't mean all of the world does or should have to.

Anonymous said...


choke on that shit, big mouths!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I'm so sick of fucking PETA....I wish they would all just die. And why is wearing fur such a horrible thing anyways? What the difference between wearing leather and wearing fur...did the leather on the shoes you're wearing come from a cow who died of a heart attack?? I think not! The cow was killed for the leather just like the minks are killed for their fur.

And NOOOOO, they don't use the rest of the cow for meat either! Cows raised for leather are killed specifically for their leather....so until people consider it morally wrong to wear leather, there's no sense in knocking people for wearing fur in the meantime.

And in terms of PETA actually working to protect animals, they don't do shit. All they do it pull stupid pranks and make threats to people who don't heed to their extremist-Nazi views concerning what they feel is right.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:16 PM ~ I never said I had the authority to speak for the entire fur industry. That being said, neither does PETA. The difference between myself and PETA is that I didn't state that the entire fur industry works as my family did, while PETA pretty much claims that the entire fur industry has inhumane practices. Also, I stated that if you subscribe to PETA, you're worthless, not simply because you believe in animal rights. Don't put words into my post.

By the by, 2000 dogs and cats killed every day for fur? Have you even done the math on those figures? The industry would be inundated with so much supply, there would be no demand, thus driving the price for pelts down so low, the overhead would negate any profit.

Anonymous 7:19 ~ Actually, electrocution causes stress to the animal, thereby making the pelt absolutely useless. But do give it a try...let me know how it came out.

Lulu ~ You can care for the plight of animals without subscribing to the propaganda and doctrine of PETA. However, if you agree with PETA, support them, then you're basically agreeing that your life is forfeit if it ever down to you and a chicken. God forbid you ever have a child in danger and the only person who could help it was a PETA member.

To all those whom support PETA, I again repeat my statement that they, PETA are just like NAZIs, and those whom subscribe to PETA and all their propaganda are themselves worthless nazis.

PETA believes animals to be superior to human beings. They support forcing human beings to be subservient to animals. But, their logic is so skewed that they believe that animals shouldn't harm other animals either. This means, of course, that carnivores should be forced to be herbivores simply because PETA believes it to be so.

Add that onto the fact that PETA also believes that if it costs too much to care for these precious animals, it's okay to kill them enmasse.

If that isn't enough, let's not forget the fact that PETA supports, both politcally and financially, organizations such as ELF and ALF, both known terrorist groups.

So again, supporting animal rights is fine. Hate me because my family were furriers whom didn't do what PETA accuses all furriers of doing. Hate me because I don't support hypocrites. Hate me because I call them like I see them. You can plead a case all you want, but if you don't know the facts about whom you're supporting or what you're supporting, then all you're doing is weakening your stance.


Heidi said...

I have always wondered why PETA people harass these little rich ladies for wearing fur, Don't they have the guts to go complain to Hell's angels about their choice of leather clothing :D

Anonymous said...

PETA is for morons. There is no difference between wearing fur and wearing leather. Most fur is just a by-product of the petfood industry anyway and I don't see PETA harassing everyone with a pet cat or dog.

A lot of commercial cat or dog food is rabbit. What do you suggest they do with the rabbit fur? Throw it away? Burn it? It's way more environmentally conscious to use it for something and I really don't see any problem with wearing it.

PETA's campaigns are based on harassment and intimidation and have a strong streak of misogyny in them. I agree that some conditions in farming (by no means just fur farming) are awful, but the people responsible for that are the powerful suits running and regulating the farming industry. PETA would have my sympathy far more if they campaigned thoughtfully and constructively on that issue rather than bullying and intimidating celebrities and, worse yet, little old grandmas outside department stores.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.44pm, how come your family decieded to start up a fur farm? its just beyond me why people start up buisnesses like these

Anonymous said...

Did you know that if PETA had their way, no one would have house pets? No more kitties and puppies for anyone. They believe all animals should be free. They would take away all your pets. I think they're all insane but there are some naive people who think they're doing a good thing helping the animals who don't know that the people they're helping want to set their cute little "Rufus" or "Cuddles" loose in the forest. Heaven help those lunatics if they came for my cat. They'd find themselves on the business end of a shotgun. I'm just saying, find out what these people REALLY stand for. It's not what you think.

Hawaiigirl said...

Thats Discusting, and by the way, you dont know if she is wearing faux fur or not! I doubt she told you on her own! PETA rocks!

Anonymous said...

Um HELLO, the fur industry does not skin animals alive, doing so would bring harm to themselves AND ruin the fur that is part of their livelihood. Get a flipping clue before you start spewing statements for which you obviously know nothing about!

Anonymous said...

(If they were really concerned about the plight of all these animals, they would actually be doing something about it instead of hounding celebs who wear fur.)
Look PETA isnt just a site where they trash celebs for wearing fur. If you ever actually went to their site intstead of listening to what everyone else says, maybe you'd know tht. And they never said anything about letting loose dogs and cats( so idk where the hell u got tht must have made it up). What they do think is tht its not right to cage birds and if u think about it, it makes sence why would u cage something thts ment to fly in the air. Now wearing fur is ok as long as you know where your fur is coming from if its coming from sick ppl who skin them alive , well dont buy from them. If ur not sure or just dont care thts ur own issue. Thats wat i think anyway. But PETA does alot more good than bad. SO they think wearing fur at all is wrong who cares if u think its ok than go ahead. PETA isnt stopping you. And if it upsets you so much maybe its just yuor own guilt thts what it sounds like to me. Also i think tht comparing PETA to natzis is ttly overboard and its not a comparison i would go aroung making. Nazis where evil and cruel and real!Its not a joke plus PETA is nothing like Nazis u need to do sum reaserch. Overall its simple if u want to wear fur=wear fur. If you dont want to wear fur= dont wear fur. Grow up a little, and make up ur own minds.

Anonymous said...

I've been to PETA's website but i never saw or heard off what some of you are saying about them. So back it up show me a site where it tells me that PETA rescus animals then kills them etc. ALos some of you talk about them being natzis yet you dont say why even if you do say why there's no evidance to back it up. I dont what side to take because neither side has actually backed up their opinion with proof. Saying isn't proof so if you know one post some sites that explain the truth about PETA.

Anonymous said...

Not only would you not be able to have pets, meat, and any other animal based product would be illegal. As will animal tested vaccines for, oh, AIDS, Cancer, and all the other STDS. The entire world would be Vegan, resulting in an entire world fucked up because if we stopped eating meat, all of the animals we eat would overpopulate. Chances are, they eat plants. Well, goodbye plants. Now these animals have nothing to eat, so they all become cannibals.
The animal that eats the cannibal animal starves also, and we just wiped out most of the animal kingdom population. Would PETA like chickens being used for food and an equal chicken population, or a so fucking overpopulated chicken population that there are more than a thousand chickens per square mile. Oh yeah, remember that fly you killed last week? You'll be going to jail if PETA finds out. They believe that an ant should have equal rights as a human. So when you killed that rabbit for food right when you were about to starve, you might as well as starved than be in a PETA jail.

PETA fucking fails at life. Period.

Anonymous said...

PETA killed more than 80% of healthy pets that it received. That's killing 14419 out of 17806 from 1998 to 2005.
Srce:38. Ingrid Newkirk—PETA’s Shame http://www.nokillnow.com/PETAIngridNewkirkResign.htm.
Especially when PETA blows up Oxford Univ. labs and Michigan Univ. labs, the animal-rights group must be suppressed.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the comment below. Now PETA's wasting our time about the President swatting a fly. Get a F*@!ing life PETA!