Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tom Cruise stabs cab to death

Tom allegedly had a "meltdown and flew into a violent rage" while speaking on his cell phone in the back of a NYC limo. Ahh, the stress of planning a wedding.

The driver said that "Tom started yelling into his phone. He had a pen in his hand and he began stabbing the pen into the limo seat. He was screaming with rage and finally stopped the stabbing when the pen went completely through the seat!"

Cruise started to apologize, and said it was an accident. Yes, it was the other Tom that did it. The driver remained calm and explained that it was not an accident and that Cruise needed to pay for the damage immediately. The driver pulled over and told the child if he didn't pay up, he would force him out of the limo.

Sergio Sanchez, VP of Partners Executive Cars confirmed, "We were told by the driver that Cruise had damaged the back seat of his 07' Escalade. It did happen and Cruise did pay for the damage."


Hawaiigirl said...

OMG can this guy get any more syco???????
I mean really!

Anonymous said...

Garbage. No proof just lame hate towards Cruise. Get a life.

Alfy said...

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